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Live Rostrum is an online news agency that was founded by Mirza Shahnawaz Agha in 2004 with the intent to precipitate interaction between the civil society, international institutions, policy makers and common citizens of the world. The main stay of human civilization is to be able to interact, which is why most constitutions on earth, divine scriptures included, permit the freedom of speech, thought and expression. In line with this basic human need we identified the need and use of collections for the purpose of disseminating information online as news. News that is covered relates to the current state of affairs and our thoughts on it collectively and individually. Originally, Live Rostrum started and made news in a restaurant environment only, providing breaking news service, but in 2013 the penetration of internet in our society provided Live Rostrum with the facility to take their quest a step further.  At the time of inception, Live Rostrum was a small premise but now it has turned into a big platform. Live Rostrum can now communicate to a much larger audience and therefore have decided to take advantage of technological development and substantially increase its portfolio to include a broader spectrum of relevant activities which are in line with what we have been trying to promote and encourage over ten years. We introduced the concept which allows people to directly upload videos, images and texts to our website which in effect means that people can share their news, views and issues with the global mass media on almost real time.

Live Rostrum’s Vision

To provide a new social contract between old media and citizens in the spirit of participation.”

Live Rostrum’s Objective

“Provide a new social contract between old media and citizens around the concept of participation.”


About Live Rostrum

  • It is a digital platform that leans on citizens of the world for its news source. The accumulated data is disseminated on almost real time basis.
  • It provides a platform for the citizens to contribute news to the global mass media on a real time basis; to share the news that is important to them.
  • Live Rostrum not only facilitates people to gain recognition but also allows them to benefit financially if their contribution is picked up by the mass media.
  • Live Rostrum conducts online polls, debates, seminars, competitions and discussions to engage the masses in a constructive analysis of current issues, which will initiate an ongoing dialogue to promote a better world.

How is Live Rostrum different

  • The main stay of this news agency is to address the paradigm of issues of national and international importance.
  • Live Rostrum has been established to facilitate the basic human need of Interaction.
  • Live Rostrum prides itself in providing a platform for the common man to speak freely. This ensures the constitutional rights of the freedom of speech.
  • Live Rostrum has developed a data base of thousands of mass media that receive news on subscription.



What we do

  • The Live Rostrum desktop has been in operation since 2004, since then we are a provider of multitude of news and information services to newspapers, television, cable networks, radio stations, and websites worldwide.
  • We are operating as a unique agency that is tailor-made for citizen journalists who wish to publish their stories in the main stream media.
  • We feature the latest multimedia technologies, from live video streaming to searchable archives of news features and background information. The site is updated continuously throughout the day.
  • We aim at building an information bridge which links civil society members, international institutions, policy-makers and individual readers, to promote an ongoing dialogue for a better world.
  • Live Rostrum will always endeavor to provide the mass media ground realities for them to perform their role in providing accurate, true and balanced information to the public.
  • We are committed to the ideals of making people question the dominant paradigms of our times, the local issues of day to day life, which are close to our heart.
  • We are devoted to highlighting a balanced and analytical account of major social, economic and political issues that the world is facing today.

Why we get contributions

  • Citizens can upload their articles, videos and images. If their contribution has adhered to our guidelines we publish their contribution which is automatically pushed out to our mass media subscribers around the world.
  • We provide instant access to our worldwide distribution network which will allow the people to reap the benefits of reaching out to the worldwide mass media outlets that they would not be able to access without our platform.
  • If the contribution is news-worthy and is sold, the contributor will be given 50% of whatever fee is paid for the contribution.

Why subscribe

  • We are particularly interested in distributing information to the “under-funded mainstream media” that miss out on important stories because they lack the man power to cover stories.
  • The soul of an article depends upon knowledge of the feelings, thoughts and observation of the people, in short, the ground realities. Our platform allows the media to get an insight into local issues and events that are affecting the community.

As a subscriber of news

  • You can subscribe only if you are a registered citizen or entity of any country or a mass media.
  • Contact us in person on phone or by email.
  • Fill a simple form.
  • Pay the annual subscription fees.

Cost of subscription

  • US $ 1 per day.
  • Payable in advance per month and /or at
  • 25% discount for six month subscription
  • 50% discount or annual advance of subscription fee.


“Make your voice count”

                Get Media Coverage! Successful petitions get attention in the media.

  • You can use our website facility to promote your petition and have it up and running in minutes.
  • Prospective signers like to know what others have said or thought about your petition.
  • Engage in intelligent dialogue, and educate each other about current issues and initiate a dialogue with people by using the following facilities: Blogs, groups, opinions and chatter box.