Anti-colonial serum

Anti-colonial serum

THE ‘exercise of free will’ is a liberty legally upheld as a right for individuals universally. Collectively manifest, it is a right just as much for Nation States. This is the trigger that ignites the generator of invention, innovation, accountability and wealth. All these beautiful happenings stem from economic independence and those Nation States that overlook fiscal autarky drive their destinies to the hell of life. The economic order of the world today is the principal deterrent to countries achieving any form of autarky and there is evidence enough in support. The basic tool for this economic apartheid is the hard currency or the medium of exchange. This is based on factors that are deceptive for value-representation and more the printed-paper based medium of exchange is accepted as a commodity. Creditor countries again, regulate the volume and value of this medium of exchange and the debtor countries are subject to a regulatory regime that is non-contestable due to the burden of debt!
This is the dragnet of hell, the predominant lot of the one hundred and ninety three countries, are inflicted with. To top this fiscal hegemony the concept of clearing houses for hard currencies, anti money laundering laws and the reserve currency of the world are all tools to keep this economic apartheid alive. This economic apartheid is in effect a form of colonialism camouflaged to deprive the predominant world of the natural resources for the benefit of a few referred to as the First World. Comical as it may seem it is a mockery of democracy, equity and material justice and clearly the worst form of human right abuse. The bastions of fair play are not quite what they claim to be, nor are the mentors of human uplift and global peace worth their salt. These are pirates that have evolved into money managers to keep the trade of robbing alive unabated!
Be what it may we see countries swimming with the system for years at end hoping that one-day they will make the league and be part of the first world. Then there is another lot that has rolled up their sleeves to dump the system and find economic efficacy in the global market place and have swiftly transited from abject poverty, deprivation and oppression to stand up on their feet and assert their place in the community of Nations. These are the self-respecting nations that have first put their house in order and then jumped the gun!
What does it take to be self-respecting is the question most leaders without a vision and loyalty to their kind avoid answering. How can beggars tell you how to earn a square meal! The components of a Nation State are where we are required to start. How much land do we have and what is the economic potential thereof. How many hands do we have on deck and the economic potential thereof; and finally; what makes the combination of these two unique to the community of nations on the planet. It is absolutely a given that unless the architectural map of a nation state is not first engineered the chances of success ever is impossible. We then need laws that support the architectural map such that no international law can take preferential precedence and no compromise of the plan can be invoked. These plans remove a nation state from being right or left or being right of right and left of left! It nomenclatures the nation state as individually apart for all to accept as the people place their seal of subscription on the devised map.
In the case of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan this engineered map is crucial and the bedrock of our existence. It is spelled as ‘reverting to our ideology’. I feel excited about the prospect of realization if and when! If money is not a commodity and represents the measure of labor then it is one for one compared to any in the world. If Riba is not permissible then borrowing is free from the cost of money and so is lending. If we have to give preference to our brothers in faith then trade with them have to be duty free. If we have to retain our territorial integrity then free hold property is unacceptable and all land must be leased from the State and at a cost to support governmental expenses. If enterprise has to lean on factors of risk then taxation has to be excluded altogether. If life and property of the Ummah has to be protected by the Ummah then we need to spread the risk within and not externally. If we have to respect our medium of exchange we have to restrict our imports in the rupee and exports in the currency of the importers. If we need to militarily protect ourselves the tools of protection have to be indigenous and not imported.
If we need to provide welfare across-the-board we need to contain our population in small pockets with uniform standards. If we need to assert ourselves from slavery and subservience to respectable self-sufficiency then we have to work towards this goal now. No institution of the State will singlehandedly be able to do this nor should we expect, from the historical perspective, to pin hopes with politicians. A reforms commission of the State has to be introduced to lead the way with all institutions of the State committed in its following. We need to ‘revert to our ideology’ san the astray cleric that has only polarized the society and san the proverbial establishment that does not wish to lose control of the beggars’ camp, which is what this materially rich country has been run down to. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan Paindabad.
— The writer is an entrepreneur and author based in Karachi.

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