Arrogance of ignorance, managing people

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha
Mirza Shahnawaz Agha

LIKE people, God created societies and divided them into tribes, races and creeds so that one could be distinguished from the other, perhaps for their individual achievements and knowledge base. The common denominator amongst the people of all regions of the world seems to be their common destiny in eventual death and their interim plight in suffering the challenges of life. The vicissitude of fortunes as that is often referred to! From the king to the piped piper, the rich to the poor, the ignorant to the educated, there seems little that differs in this journey of life. All the worldly luxuries and miseries are but relative conditions for their respective inflictions at different levels of human existence. Be it culture, terrain or religion, these figure as significant factors in this relative viewpoint.
If the above analysis is true, and there seems little reason for evident denial, then disparity and discrimination are neurological disorders in the human race and or the level of human civilization is indeed rudimentary. I cannot see the difference between rats in grain warehouses any different to men living on this planet full of consumable goodies! The point to ponder for the human race, particularly in philosophising and structuring laws is, where should the human societies be carried to, in this unified infliction of existence. Should we remain competing with each other in the act of scavenge-ring this planet, our asset base, we call home? Should we legally deny all aspects of ‘sharing’ the natural resources available, for the human resource? Should we wage wars and kill our kind to possess what is evidently a commonwealth? Should we continue to discriminate based on religion, color, creed and ethnicity? Should the current status quo remain devoid of evolutionary compulsions? These are questions we need to address continually.
Logically peace and the full living experience seems, as the basic human right of every individual born and that is undeniably the destination human societies need to be carried to legally. People born are stakeholders in this asset base we call the commonwealth of nature. They come with a purse worth one part of this planet, replacing someone that has left the earth, or as an additional beneficial owner. His, her entitlement therefore is all that part of what exists on the planet at the front end of technology and without discrimination. He, she must get the best food, the best education, the best health care and the best level of security to live in and with. Most, the newborn should be free from the contingency of someone depriving him or her of a birth right to ownership.
This may seem as science fiction and a ridiculous demand to many but it is legally the just thing to desire. The obligation of labor has qualified the extent of compensation in history thus far but what we need to understand from the legal perspective is the commonality in the basics for human sustenance. It is beyond this basic provision for sustenance guaranteed to all, that the human race can be competitive and even discriminatory for intellectual property and labor rights. When we hear of welfare states, what we need to understand is, that the government there is organized to make available to the newborn the basics for sustenance. They look after the newborn to a level where they are qualitatively firm to compete with their peers without any discrimination. Likewise, at the end of the journey, the old and infirm are assured to be cared for until death. With the two ends physically and financially secured, the human generator is primed more than adequately to be a valuable contributor to human civilization and society. This is amply evidenced in recorded history.
From the Pakistan perspective the governments in succession have remained decisively oblivious of their obligations. I will not go into narrating what they have been able to do and are presently doing. This is common knowledge. What we seek of them to do is plan welfare for the population, liberate the population from political nonsense and adjudicate effectively day on day between the governors and the governed. This is not much to ask from paid employees by us the employers. The chronologically historical excuse, as an alibi, has been the shortage of money. ‘We do not have funds to achieve the ideal standards of our obligation as a government, although we will exercise our right to get paid in the interim.’ These are the clowns that run the circus, we have watched, awe struck for seven decades. These are the clowns that need to return to the circus of their respective lives but not quite run the state. It is like deploying a shoe smith into a task of black smith. This is the corruption at the root of the governing leadership.
What we have as a cover up is ‘protocol’ and ‘inaccessibility’ as a protective shield to cover up for the crises of obligations each portfolio is required to yield. Research and Development and an absolute commitment to serve the people are at the root of the obligation of anybody and everybody that is part of the production chain in this country else the two ends of human welfare obligatory upon the government can never be paid for. In addition to this the resources we have are ample to carry a population of one billion, in the like of a ratio that exists in Pakistan, at the highest standard of living known. Think it over, us the people.

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