Assetising a nation state

Assetising a nation state

WHAT make a Nation State in this day and age are three requisites. Territory, Population and Government. This is generic as a definition. The fourth pre-requisite, and an essential reality as it seems from recorded history, is ‘debt’! The definition notwithstanding, all these Nation States differ one from another and the planet has this diverse bouquet comprising nearly two hundred countries and political territories. The seal of recognition for a Nation State does not emerge from the recognition of peers or the permanent veto holding members of the UN as it does primarily from the writ of the people who wish to inhibit a territory and get identified by a location on the planet. Sets of people wanting a permanent address, vehemently enough to turn ‘nationalist,’ seek that little corner of the planet all for themselves. There is nothing wrong in this desire and we see today a world full of nationalist parked in their sundry locations all around. The big picture of the globe is lost as a common abode and the global concerns that ought to take precedence over nationalism and or nationalistic politics are clearly obviated.

In this plagued mind-set that inflicts the predominant population of the earth what is worse is ‘slave culture’. There is a tendency in sociology for people to get alienated by a presumed awe of material prosperity. They either migrate into a prosperous environment or live in their own territory mentally enslaved as followers. It is like creating your own idol of worship and worshiping it with an absolute commitment of life. This dieses is severe and prevents the evolution of human civilization across the board. It prevents emancipation of human rights and worse it nails people in hoards to abject poverty forever. Economics has been the devil in the lambs hide. It undeniably has a role to play in the cure of this dilemma by the establishment of ‘material justice’. The two things that inflict this order of disparity are: 1. The lack of equality in the dispensation of literacy; and 2. The lack of equality in healthcare post birth.

People are presumed born poor to remain illiterate and be used, as human fodder by and for their own kind, is an appalling viewpoint to uphold. Material Justice being the solution is a term often misconstrued by the perpetrators of economic oppression and by the inflicted both. The declaration of a set of people in a certain territory being poor is the fate acompli dished out and popularly accepted. So barring this and pushing for just solutions we as a Nation State have to view economic strengths and weaknesses to entrench our economic existence. This is best done based on the ideology of our existence and creation. This ideology is the political anchor and our legal justification that is subscribed to by a huge part of the global population with their land and production. We need to unilaterally provide a preferential status to our like and in absolute disregard to any existing protocol engineered by economic enslavers.

This is not so easy unless we resolve to legislate the adoption of our ideology within our territorial limits. This is done when the basic reforms for the three constituents of a Nation State are clearly put into legal effect. The population must be counted effectively and be provided welfare and education; the territory must be demarcated to the last inch and indentured to be used for a defined productive end; and the government sworn to fiercely defend this turf. This will create an instantly popular model for the people to follow and be loyal to. This will so happen because of economic benefits that it will guarantee them and their future generations. The global onslaught will get neutralized and a quid pro quo will legally come into place instantly negating all factors of our miserable and pitiable third world identification. Of course this can only be the doing of a patriotic believer and or a nationalist. This is not the indulgence and thought to be of a spineless slave of the order of subservience that inflicts and plagues us.

Economics is a game and no more. A game, where the rules are determined and engineered by the players themselves. These are rules that are legally ratified for subsequent following. Management of the medium of exchange is based on the determination of value parity and like wise labor for the job description they are required to indulge in. Governments are simply the regulators of the requirement of the population and the defenders of the territory of a Nation State and at a pre-determined cost. They are not rulers in the sense of monarchies or dictatorships. This model, a just society and our ideology both uphold.

We have to replace the external and internal disorder our impotent and ignorant leadership has followed for seven miserable decades. We the people have suffered being subjugated by protocol and religious edicts to keep us enslaved and gagged. There is no obligation to live with this madness. In the end analysis if the natural resources and the human resource of Pakistan are to be viewed then one will amply conclude that we are richer than the oil-producing peers and from the security perspective stronger than any other of our like and size. Should we seek change with a begging bowl yet again, then it is better to opt for the continuation of our misery in the hands of the inept that guarantee our future as a colony by a hidden colonizer. Now or never is the clarion call.

— The writer is an entrepreneur and author based in Karachi.

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