Bigamist, Hira Azhar, and the Non-Divorce, Divorce

Bigamist, Hira Azhar, and the Non-Divorce, Divorce

Notorious for donating to Judges, Houston Divorce lawyer, Bobby Newman makes no exception in donations to the Judge overseeing the case of Ali Choudhry vs. Hira Azhar. Newman, representing Azhar, is known to be a close friend and campaign contributor to the presiding Judge on the case, David Farr.

Judge Farr is working beyond setting a precedent for an interpretation of law. Accommodating this case to drag on for years, means also allowing for a person to reside illegally in the United States, commit crimes while doing so, and more importantly, failing to protect a US citizen from a fraudulent attack by an immigrant.

The history of this high-profile divorce starts when Hira Azhar, still married to Faisal Malik, enters into a marriage with Ali Choudhry in 2009 in Pakistan. She moves to the United States and lives with Ali Choudhry for a total of 18 months, after which they both decide to divorce. She flies back home to Pakistan, they get a divorce in Pakistan courts, she updates her single status on Facebook, takes back all her marital jewelry and has no communication with Choudhry.

Two years after the divorce, Hira Azhar reconnects with Palestinian American, Osama Abdullatif. Abdullatif and Azhar have been seen to become romantically close in Houston, Texas, during her “alleged” marriage to Choudhry. After a number of emails and calls exchanged between them, plotting a divorce that would make both of them rich, Hira Azhar agreed to sign over 50% of her divorce gains to Osama Abdullatif.

Osama Abdullatif subsequently funded Hira Azhar $1Million dollars to pay her legal fees. Ready to monetize her fake marriage, Hira lies on her application to enter back into the United States, and file for a divorce in the USA claiming that she is still married although living with Osama and his wife.

Beyond allegations of malicious prosecution, extortion and blackmail, Osama is caught on tape bribing Faisal Malik’s friend to testify that Hira and Faisal were never married. Abdullatif’s motive? Osama has a multimillion dollar outstanding judgement to pay back debt owed to the Choudhry family.

Hira represents a larger issue here between two sovereign countries. Judge Farr accepts a marriage consummated in Pakistan but not a divorce concluded in Pakistan. If this becomes precedent, the US will become a Mecca to for people to disregard their divorces round the world and have it tried in the US.

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