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Case against captive constituencies

Case against captive constituencies
Mirza Shahnawaz Agha
Mirza Shahnawaz Agha

You are the ‘cause’ you represent and not quite the personality you worship. Personality worshipers are shallow as they overlook the aspect of human failings and focus on their personal gain consciously or unconsciously and that is why they are not representing causes they are in effect representing, in a secular way, their own personal vested interest. These interests vary from being financial, social or vindictive. It is the ignorant that are simple victims of these conscious beings and therefore political personalities are an evil that no society can carry for the larger good of the society or Nation-State. A typical political party is the bearer of a strong message in the form of a cause for the larger good of a society. The message has to be based on a doctrine that any able manager is able to execute, uphold and implement not just a charismatic clown.This is my writ in comparison with what the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is lumbered with. We are being led in succession by egocentric maniacs hand picked for a job we must not have nor need. May we ask anyone of these idiots, in the employment of us the people where rests the ‘master development plan’ for the benefit of the people of Pakistan? May the judiciary, the executive, the parliament or the armed forces tell us what are their respective job descriptions in aid of the ‘master development plan’ for our country and us the people who inhibit it? The incumbent, ironically hilarious, answer will be ‘democracy’! This can be predicted, as there is no plan in existence and for good reason. Seventy plus years and we are like a stray heard of cattle without a shepherd or a grazing location.

I mention the Judiciary, the executive, the parliament and the armed forces because they are and have been all individually responsible to carry a redundant order for governance. The Parliament first as they represent the people so acclaimed. Even if we the people voted a majority parliament into office which we did a number of times they failed in their principle obligation of changing the colonial laws that would ensure real power in the hands of the people freeing them from the executive. The judiciary tied to the set of laws remains arrested itself for adjudication within the same confine of redundant laws and a corrupt executive that will not enforce the writ of law. The executive based on the elected members from captive constituencies has established a bureaucracy of loyalists that can only match the order of a rudimentary Raj. Then of course we have the armed forces that have surfaced as the new entrepreneurs supporting their survival from a revenue stream coming out of land holdings and imports.

The house is effectively mad and with the election coming up one can only aspire that a new soap opera will be available for the media to profit from. No tangible change with the same corrupt personality worshippers will come about with people into office that will trade a blame game and consistently borrow money on interest waging a war against Allah. We have either become mad or we have committed ourselves to lunacy. Our foreign policy and our defence policy being reactive and bomb based respectively, will soon find that without a vibrant economy indigenously in place we will be worse than colonized and the current set of so-called democratically elected leaders will vanish with their loot. The brain drain and the flight of capital from Pakistan are clear indicators of what is coming our way.

There cannot be an apologetic approach to the issues of our land, as it does not belong to a Judge, a General, a Federal Secretary or a Politician of the so-called ‘august’ parliament. This country belongs to us the people and these titles are titles of servants in our employment. The days of the Raj are long gone and we are not obliged to tolerate swindlers, thugs and immoral pea-brain leaders planted to govern. The criteria for elections are quite nonsensical as it is personality based and everyone standing up from more than one constituency is evidently of the view that Pakistan without him or her will die. Politics as an enterprise cannot and must not be tolerated and if these laws do not change then it is better to refrain from voting altogether.

The first order of the day should be the constitution of the ‘master development plan’ for the country that will give it its infrastructure and educated manpower worthy of the human race and not wild animals. Pakistan needs a water management plan, a plan for energy, a plan for educating its masses, a plan for population management and above all it needs laws that are based on a law making philosophy for free people and not captive slaves. Through this article I am not inviting the army to come in and take over and run the country on the dictates of donor nations, in fact I am asking them to focus on freedom of the people and expansions based on an indigenous industrial base. This country has suffered far too long in the hands of confirmed criminals and egocentric lunatics because institutional protection has been put above the vital interest of the people. Give it a break before everything breaks down to rubbles. Merit first please.
— The writer is an entrepreneur and author based in Karachi.

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