Childrens Literature Festival in Karachi once again from 26th-28th February!

Children’s Literature Festival in Karachi once again from 26th-28th February!

Karachi, February 24th– The Childrens Literature Festival is back in Karachi in collaboration with Karachi Youth Initiative, Dawood Public School, The Dawood Foundation, OLPERS, Canadian High Commission of Pakistan, Oxford University Press, Open Society Foundation, Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi and the Government of Sindh.. From 26th-28th February, the 3rd mega CLF Karachi will take place at the Dawood Public School, bringing children and literature together for an extraordinary learning experience once again. Looking at the huge successes of CLFs held around Pakistan since 2011, various actors, performers, renowned writers, and education experts are eagerly waiting to attend the festival and contribute to the lifelong learning of our children.

Children’s Literature Festival in Karachi once again from 26th-28th February!

The three day festival will be structured around numerous sessions, programs, workshops and performances throughout the day for not only children but also teachers and parents. The last day of the festival will be dedicated to teachers and will be the 6th Teacher’s Literature Festival being held in Pakistan till date. With hope to enhancing critical thinking in our new generation, CLF will create a platform for all stakeholders in the system to learn and discuss the importance of literature for our children today.

Speaking at the press conference, CEO of CLF, Maham Ali revealed the names of Zoe Viccaji, Samina Ahmed, Hina Khawaja Bayat, Sania Saeed, Sidra Iqbal, Afshan Ahmad, Tina Sani as celebrity guests at the festival. Also Nisar Khuro, Sheema Kermani, Zobaida Jalal, Afshan Ahmad, Khaled Anam, Amra Alam, Rumana Husain, Hamida Khuhro, Zubeida Mustafa will be participating. This time, CLF is also hosting award winning author and storyteller from Canada, Rukhsana Khan who is being supported by the Canadian High Commission and has been conducting different workshops in schools in Islamabad and Karachi.

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Speaking at the occasion, Sabrina Dawood, CEO of The Dawood Foundation and trustee of Dawood Public School, said “The Dawood Foundation is proud to host the 3rd Mega Children’s Literature Festival at Dawood Public School. Our collaboration with CLF resonates of our commitment to promote education across all strata of society.”

Asfandyar Khan, Program Development Officer from Karachi Youth Initiative (KYI) said, “It’s a wonderful opportunity for children to be able to learn how to express themselves freely and the fact that institutions like CLF continue to exist emphasizes the need to continue investing in our children and our future.”

Others who addressed the press conference were the Founder of CLF, Baela Raza Jamil, Managing Director Oxford University Press, co-founder of CLF Ameena Saiyid and children’s author, Rukhsana Khan.

Childrens Literature Festival is a social movement founded by Baela Raza Jamil of Idara-e-Taleem-O-Aagahi (ITA) and co-founded by Ameena  Saiyid of Oxford University Press (OUP). It is the first ever national program that has reached ALL territories and social segments in Pakistan. Over 480,000 children and teachers have attended the program in 4 years in 22 Childrens Literature Festival all across the country and 5 Teachers’ Literature Festival that has now become a regular feature with each mega Childrens Literature Festival ( Childrens Literature Festival seeks to promote a reading culture for creativity, imagination and multi-sensory stimulation beyond classrooms and textbooks. CLF provides a unique platform that drives the interest of children towards the joy of reading, self-expression and critical thinking. It is a social movement that was triggered by data on low learning levels, obsession with textbooks and tests across Pakistan, sacrificing creativity and wonder in children and youth.

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Childrens Literature Festival organizers, partners and the Dawood Public School invited all the children of Karachi and their families to attend the festival and be part of the most creative learning process in Pakistan. Entry is free for all!

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