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On Wednesday, conservationists and those fighting to save the African elephant received shocking news. The Trump administration announced through the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) they might overturn critical protections for the African elephant by allowing imports of hunting trophies, or body parts, from Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Because of this possible decision, Kathleen Martin started this petition to urge Secretary Zinke reverse the ban lift of African elephant trophies. Please sign and share if you agree the U.S should not allow the import of trophies from threatened species.

African elephants are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The lift of a trophy ban is only allowable if hunting would benefit the survival of the species. Zimbabwe — where trophy hunting is permitted and where the trophy ban has been lifted — has seen a six percent decline in the country’s elephant population alone.

Coincidentally, Zimbabwe, is the same country where Cecil the Lion was infamously killed, and it’s currently entrenched in corruption and political upheaval. It is irrational to assume a country, already facing rampant elephant poaching and illegal ivory trafficking, will properly manage elephant populations in a time of political turmoil.

Many believe lifting this ban is not the way to support a declining African elephant population. If you agree, join Kathleen in requesting Secretary Zinke reinstate the ban on African elephant trophies into the U.S.

Thank you for taking action,

Tegan Gregory
North America Campaigns Team

Ban elephant ivory and tusks from being imported into the U.S.

The Trump administration wants to start issuing permits for elephant trophy hunting.

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I have been to Africa and have seen first hand the impact of hunting elephants for ivory.  Dead elephant carcasses left to rot with only the tusks taken is a sight no one should have to endure.  A gross waste of life and resources for the environment and community.  I cannot stand silent as this change is made.  

Elephants are a majestic animal and are a protected species.  To condone killing this animal for sport and importing the ivory and tusks into the US is a legacy I would prefer we not leave.

Please help me in sending a message that we will not sit idly by as these decisions are made.  We will be proactive and use our voices to make it known we do not condone this and do not want a reversal of a ban that was put in place to protect this species.  

This petition will be delivered to:

  • Secretary of the Interior
    Ryan Zinke

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