Engro Pakistan holds IATC award function to highlight the real change makers in the country

Engro Pakistan holds IATC award function to highlight the real change makers in the country

The change-seekers often speak up quite vehemently against the ill-managed system, the social menaces, deteriorating civic conditions, ‘fragile-yet-not-shattered’ economy, poor standards in education and what not. The real problem is that people talk about problems and not suggest solutions. However, there are quite a few enthusiastic, passionate souls who would never stop for a moment to beg for the patronage to make anything possible. They rather come all the way from the beginning of a concept and emerge as the iconic role model in their fields. They are the change-makers; they are the real heroes and they are the real leaders. Engro Pakistan has realized this seemingly made/occurred change in the Pakistani society and come forward to bring such endeavouring people to limelight through its unique I’m The Change (IATC) awards.

A select audience of the Mega-polis enjoyed the enthralling performances by young artistes on a famous poem of late Urdu poet, Faiz, entitled ‘UmeedeSahar’ (Hope for the Dawn), at the end of the 3-hour session of I’m The Change (IATC) awards-2016, held on Saturday 19th November 2016 on the lush green venue of classical Frere Hall.

Earlier, renowned journalistic figure Imran Aslam and well-known TV/Theatre artiste, Nadia Jamil narrated the history of modern Pakistan, focusing on the bigwigs of various fields. The narrative was titled ‘DeerozeImroze’ (Persian for Yesterday-Today). It was wonderfully carried out, except for a few unintentional mistakes and obviously missing of some more, as well*.

Khalid Siraj Subhani, President and CEO, Engro Corporation, while showing the organisation’s strong belief in empowering individuals and communities who had dedicated their lives for championing the cause of education, health and livelihood has said,  “As a country, Pakistan is a land of untapped potential, a space where we have numerous talented citizens who have been deprived of the resources that are necessary for self-actualization,” he said adding that given this predicament, it was crucial to acknowledge these change-agents working relentlessly for a better Pakistan but also take advantage of IATC’s crowd-funding platform to strengthen and amplify efforts in bringing about much-needed change. He said that the onus was on all of us to write the story of change together because it was only through collective action that we could together change the world.

Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation (AMTF) was given away the meritorious award in health sector for providing solutions to all blood-related diseases under one roof, completely free of cost. REEDS (Rural Education and Economic Development Society) was acknowledged for their excellent services in bringing change in the livelihood of people. It aims at creating income-generating opportunities for sustainable livelihoods of marginalized communities in district Rahim Yar Khan. IATC recognized REEDS for improving livelihood opportunities in its respective area of operations.

The recipient of the Special Category Award was “doctHERS,” an up-and-coming digital, healthcare platform that connects female doctors to needy patients in real-time while leveraging leading-edge technology. IATC applauded doctHERS for improving Health across the country, as stated by the official hand-out of Engro.

*The stage-secretary, Faizan Haq kept on pronouncing the very word, Imroze, incorrectly as ‘UMROZE’, till the last moment, without bothering to see the spelling printed in official brochures etc.

Imran Aslam had erroneously mentioned Wasim Abbas (famous TV/Film artiste) as world-class Penalty-corner specialist, Sohail Abbas (the living legend of Pakistan Hockey). While told by this humble journalist, he laughingly admitted the mistake, saying, ‘I’ve made a Penalty-corner’.

Similarly, Nadia Jamil thought it were Naseem (Naseem Sheikh-Sprinter) & Kiran (Kiran Khan-Olympian swimmer) who belonged to FATA, rather than mentioning the great female Squash player from the same region, Maria Toor.

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