Art-works of 3 young females on display

Exhibition at Canvas Art Gallery Kicked Off

Karachi: An exhibition of three young emerging artistes was kicked off on April 07th, 2015 at the Canvas Art Gallery. The exhibition features work of Rehana Mangi, Madiha Hyder and Madiha Sikandar.

Madiha Hyder is of the view that while we as artistes engage with the representation of the visible, the tangible and the substantial, we are also inclined to study the intangible and the absence of physicality. ‘For me, the unsaid and the unseen take on a plethora of meaning and open up a world of possibilities. But, my investigations are not merely theoretical or metaphysical. They are personal narratives that are more relevant because they have been lived and experienced rather than studied’ she asserted.

She believed our views and judgments about people are deeply related to ‘face value’. But subtract the points of visual communication and we realize that many more of our inherent senses become heightened and enhanced. Our innate perceptions that lie dormant, spring into action. ‘I enjoy the idea that my paintings take on open-ended thematic inferences and offer themselves to myriad variable interpretations, as then the opportunities for discovery become infinite’ the young artiste explained.

Rehana Mangi, while sharing her experience disclosed, “I have a habit of unconsciously collecting fallen hair, in order to prevent ‘Black Magic’. In the final year at my college, I was losing a lot of hair, due to some stressful circumstances. In order to counter my depression, I started mediating, which helped me, discover myself’.


A promising artiste had literally amazed the audience, when she said, ‘‘I started practicing ‘Cross-stich’, a form of counted thread embroidery. I started using hair as metaphor of loss and death.  It leads me to the idea of giving them a beautiful shape and making them useful again. The idea thus incorporated a meticulous process such as making grids, punching holes and then stitching of the fallen hair”.

A large number of art-lovers and artistes including Shahid Rassam visited the gallery and appreciated the work of budding artistes. The exhibition will continue in the gallery till April 16th, 2015.

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Farhan Ahmed Khan
Mr. Farhan Khan, holding a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) in 1st Division from the University of Karachi. Farhan Khan has got rich experience in Communications, Public relations and Media, with some excellent communication, writing, managerial and reporting skills.Once a part of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), as a Communication & Liaison Officer (2010-2012), he is currently serving Live Rostrum, as Manager Regional Leads for the Live Rostrum News Agency.

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