Exhibition at Full Circle Art Gallery


By Farhan Khan

Karachi: An exhibition of emerging artistes under the theme of “In Transit” was opened on February, 19th, 2015, here at Full Circle Art Gallery.  The exhibition is featuring work by Ammad Tahir, Naveen Shakil Khan, Numair Abbasi, Sehar Aziz, Shanzay Subzwari and Yasir Waqas.

Naveen Shakil Khan, an artiste having a bachelor in Architecture from the University of Dundee, Scotland said, “I want to describe in figurative and realistic terms about the crises of self which is prominent on one’s face at fatigue. This series is called Catharses of Soul. For each piece, neither I know where it starts from, nor do I know where it ends up. It is all discovery process for me”.

Numair Abbasi, a fresh graduate from Indus Valley of School of Arts & Architecture, while speaking to Live Rostrum, said, “My work is about masculine virtue, certain expectation from a man in a society. Through my work, I am challenging these expectations of society from men, as well as reflecting the careless attitude of society, also”.

Shanzay Subzwari, an emerging artiste and another graduate from Indus Valley of Schools of Arts and Architecture said, “Theme of my work is deception. Through my work, I would like to give the message that most of the world’s decisions have hidden agenda; the things which are visible might not be real”. She further added, “You will find hidden faces in my work and I have incorporated dollar to show that every decision is based on money”.

The event was well received by the artists and art collectors.

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