Father of Quiz leaves the City of Quiz Champs for London


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Syed Asim Ali Qadri-Karachi Club Gymkhana-2014
Syed Asim Ali Qadri

Syed Asim Ali Qadri, the Founding Chairman of Pakistan Quiz Society and a very dynamic figure behind the extraordinary promotion of Quiz in Pakistan was here in the town on a brief visit. He has left in the morning, today. The most enthusiastic Quiz champion of his own time, Asim was given the title of ‘Father of Quiz’ by none other than Professor Hashmatullah Lodhi, one of the pioneer Quiz-masters of Pakistan, in 1970s. He had won the foremost Kawasaki motorcycle in Neelamghar, the most famous and record-creating stage show of Pakistan Television, way back in 1975. It was the then the biggest prize of the show. He also won some prizes in other TV and Radio Quiz contests, including ‘Sheeshay-ka-Ghar’ of PTV.

Prof. Hashmatullah Lodhi
Prof. Hashmatullah Lodhi

Being the most active vocal person in the fields of Quiz and social welfare, Asim remained intact with other organisations in different capacities, having received warm appreciation wherever he went on to work or coordinate. After spending a life full of sweet and sour experiences, he immigrated to UK in 1998.

The Founding Chairman could hardly manage to accept every other invitation from a number of followers, fans and contemporaries to attend programmes of various natures, as he was complaining of sickness, due to atmospheric changes. However, he had attended quite a few including a Quiz competition, held by a private college, as the Chief Guest. He was interviewed by Metro One TV for the programme, ‘Morning Delight’ and Radio Pakistan for the programme From The Campus, conducted in English by young Asher Ahmed, son of Muhammad Ahmed, a seasoned man of PBC. Shabbir Ibn-e-Adil, one of the veteran Quiz personalities and a former PTV News senior had also interviewed him; video-clip can be watched on social-media.

Syed Asim Ali Qadri with Asher Ahmed
Syed Asim Ali Qadri with Asher Ahmed

Before leaving for London, Syed Asim Ali Qadri had also presided over a few exclusive meetings of Pakistan Quiz Society and made some timely decisions, as well. Details are expected to be disclosed after he is settled at home.

Asim Ali Qadri-Interview

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