Freedom of enterprise, bureaucratic wrangle

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha
Mirza Shahnawaz Agha

WHERE we see servants dictating the employers we can very confidently conclude that the servants are on the payroll of another master or they are the real masters in the guise of servants. The laws that have inflicted Pakistan post 1947 are a colonial inheritance and have therefore put into office a bunch of opportunists that have never had anything to do with ‘peoples power’ or the so called democracy. They neither understand the dynamics nor the energy that carries the validity of the order. Right under their rule has emerged a bureaucracy loyal to them with one solitary sentiment to support their office – bootlicking for profiteering! The merit that would make or shape this nation as a unified bouquet of talent based on merit is still far from sight. This has not only caused brain drain but the flight of capital.
The history of legislation and the history of indigenous development speak volumes in support of the assertion made herein above. This is not a storyboard of criticism or a sudden realization of reality it is a huge problem that needs to be mitigated by us the people for the safe onward journey of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In a situation that the Army cannot be criticized for its conduct, the judiciary cannot be criticized for its impunity, the politicians cannot be held accountable because they belong to an august assembly and the beurecracy fiddles in defense veiled in colonial laws, we the people, the employers and masters are really the doormats of a house of disaster forced into subservience within and amongst the community of nations.
The laws have to be redefined and re-promulgated, the dragnet of occupying forces enumerated above have to be quashed and the natural resources of the country have to be made beneficial to the human resource of the country to finally witness a new dawn. One of the shortcuts to achieving this end is the opening of the economy to freedom. Let enterprise flourish without burecratic wrangles and with only one factor of production, land, be taxed to support governmental revenue. The industry of banking, insurance, agriculture, mining, tourism and the management of the people alone are many that can carry the economy to unprecedented vibrancy. The ideology of the country must align itself with the Muslim people and nations of the world, and unilaterally allow them a preferential status for investments, visas, import preference and trade in mutualized currencies.
The bedrock of economies that have flourished have been those that have leaned on the people and have offered them a safe heaven within the country and have allowed them to go out in the world and seek fortunes. In our case we have restricted the people to comply with laws that have been dished out by the proverbial West and have ignored engineering our own laws to support our lot and or our vital economic interests. Reciprocity should be the basis of market access without compromise. It would be in the fitness of this narration to quote Nelson Mandela: ‘they are not taller we are kneeling down’. It is unimaginable that a country so rich both in human resource and natural resource should remain captive in the hands of a few hundred mangers of captive political constituencies and in the macro context five odd personalities manifest as provincial barons that support this dam holding back the power of the people ready to give Pakistan the global supremacy as a role model.
One is often confronted with the question ‘who will bell the cat’? Certainly no interested beneficiary will and no institution of the State can single handedly change the status quo. They are like stake holders who may have no interest in doing so despite a clear realisation that the status quo spells inevitable doom. What will cause the situation to be changed will be the demise of the current monetary burden with conditionality that will restore people’s power above the vested interest of personalities and or institutions of the State. We must remain aware that while the journey downwards is at a reckless speed the efforts to swing the tide has to be constantly worked upon. Pakistan Paindabad.

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