Deaf, dumb and senseless is the plight of the poverty stricken, from whom does emerge a leadership of their very kind. This is a universal manifestation of leadership anywhere. The quality of the people will portray their leadership and that is why in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan we have what we are, in essence. If this is not the case, then we have a usurped leadership in office, which of course is worse because the fundamental attributes remain common being deaf, dumb and senseless! The leadership in all eventualities must belong to the people and so must the government that embodies that position. It is an unfounded fear of most usurpers that without them all will be lost. Without an iota of doubt that is indeed bull-crap.

The criteria for the assertion of leadership stems almost always from declared plans and recorded service for the people to choose options. This is a given and one cannot look away from this because it is suicidal. In the recorded history of our beloved country this has been ignored and it is therefore a valid writ of the people that warrants being invoked as swiftly as possible. One does not know how this mass of people will prevail over entrenched forces that occupy the seat of power in this country but the natural effects of decay, decadence and destruction of the very basics of statecraft offer considerable hope.
One is constrained to be critical because what seems evident is a revenue source that is being publicized justifying borrowing and more social and technological dependence. Nations that make a mark strive with what they have and not handouts. Here the population is closed out and a game of slander, the following of deformed laws and influence peddling, in place of merit, has become the hallmark to manage state. We are worse of than times when we were colonized as the usurper of power and policy were not hidden agendas. The crisis of servants ruling the masters is at the root of all ills that plague us. Let us not be naïve and play a guessing game here. The Armed Forces that protect this country have their choice people to get projected as popular leaders of the people and they in turn have their Hench men to make up for he bureaucracy. People and merit are both cordoned out of the loop of ownership and their right of adult franchise.

The results are devastating as the literacy rate; entrepreneurship, social liberties and technological evolution get frozen in time. Everybody gets alienated and everybody succumbs to the usurping force that governs sealing the fate of the people to remain military fodder, if not worse. What seems to be happening here is a clean up operation of those who have out-lived their validity to feed the engine of power. This is indeed very good and at least we the people can hope to see two tiers of corruption, the politician and the bureaucracy wiped out. Countries and Empires both have be ruled by militant force backed by wealth and if that is the form of governance we should choose to have let us have it clearly, openly and decisively. This cat and mouse game is really the object of criticism and inquisition both.

One should know from where and with who rests the fountainhead of power and governance. There is nothing wrong with having a monarch a dictator the like as long as it is in the open. The dilemma is in living with deception. Laws cannot be made and be harmonized with any social order that be, nor can the people partake into the vertical development of their land. A deceptive structured order for governance will inevitably be the breeding ground of corruption and that is what the state of Pakistan is inflicted with. The strength of the truth is enormous and we have drifted away from the truth, or the upholding of it, in more ways than one. We are fear driven and one can see this from our foreign policy and other limitations of liberties thrust on us the people.

Leaning on history one thing is clear as crystal – nations that cannot create wealth are doomed to be subservient to other nations. The creation of wealth is always a contribution of freethinking and acting people and not usurpers in office by stealth. The exercise of free will enables people to innovate, create and harmonize their resources from the most stringent feedstock or raw material that is available. Pakistan in seventy years plus could not build engines, aircrafts, rockets, satellites and fundamental items for survival because we could not create wealth and did not have the political will to do so. The whole mindset was enslaved and so it remains. The power bearers are mediocre, lazy and regressive in their outlook. These are people who will prefer to sacrifice people in their captivity than loose their profit center based on a begging bowl.

The riches and beauty of Pakistan and the worthiness of the people who inhabit this country are by far the greatest in the region and there are no two opinions about this fact. They are very capable to be equated with the best of the best. They are victims of circumstances where their wealth and wisdom have ben consigned to poverty and their rights usurped by their own kind. They are nailed to a fate that spells doom. They will get rationed for what they can eat, wear and breathe. They are suffocating with political, religious and civil regimentation. They are without power which is rightfully their own to enjoy and certainly without leadership worth the salt. It was a thought analysis, rightly or wrongly manifest, after reviewing our grounded ship in quicksand. With an extended begging bowl we can only plead – give us our freedom

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha
[email protected]

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