Humpty dumpty sat on a fence


TAKING positions has been the criteria of global corporations and successful Nation States. Those who sat on the fence ended up as drifters but were labelled as opportunists devoid of esteem or respect. Often times we see that the three ‘T’s are ignored and we end up in a maze that present surprises we never catered to in our list of contingencies. Team, Traction and Trajectory are fundamental to any operation be it running a company or a state that has to have a sway over people. This again by a fundamental law of psychology is dependent upon a strong leadership, which serves as the corner stone of a harmonious society. Going a step further we have yet another factor to reckon with of economics that establishes the viability of an operation. Here fiscal decentralization, which is self-sustaining, is the bedrock of smooth sailing.
All the above are tried and tested principals of priming and running any operation. This is particularly pertinent in our day and age when operating a Nation State. The converse is of course centralized and monolithic management, which is primitive, obsolete and worthless. It is doomed to meet decadence, illiteracy and crime. This is our predicament in the Islamic Republic and that is why it is so important for the country to be re-structured for governance and now. Any one institution of State cannot do this single-handedly, and collectively this objective will never get achieved unless a Master Architectural plan based on decentralized governance and fiscal management both are in place duly regulated by standards at front end of known technology.
Transiting from a primitive canvas of rural and urban mixture for managing the population, the land they inhibit and the medium of exchange they use has become the most urgent need of our times. This coupled with our ideology-based laws that treat all equally plus defence regimes with a global out-reach and beyond to defend our ideology and territory is the apex basis for our way forward. It is with the criteria as defined herein that I suggested all who sit on the fence to get off the tightrope act and come to terms. Personality selection and personality worship will not deliver us from dumps we are in, and that is fundamental for our understanding. We are not a monarchy and personality worship is adverse to our Islamic ideology.
It is with these parameters in view it is suggested we take the following measures now: First, we need Master Architectural plans for the Nation State that remains rigid as our ideological basis; Next, we revert land to the Federal Government in totality with a right to appropriate it in consonance with National need; The Federal Government must base its holding as the basic source of revenue to run State; We should then divide the land for the use by the population by incorporating 3,403 Municipal companies to house the national population; We must allow them to independently administer these cities based on direct democracy for all fiscal requirements at the front end of technology duly regulated; These Municipal companies should be on our stock exchanges and be regulated by their provinces on standards and amenities that the Federal Government should prescribe and continually upgrade with the evolving technology; Thirty-six Provinces for the ease of effective management should further administer the country; The rest of the land needs to go for corporate farming, corporate mining, industrial parks, defense installations and tourism sites.
This will convert the country into a production hub where the entire land and the population thereon will see welfare and under strict accountability. The country will see the end of political captivity of land and population and welfare like education and health care will become uniform. Trade and commerce will consequently thrive with a quality benchmark and hallmark enabling access to cross border trade. We must not stop here, as the two other reforms that are crucial to enable this dream goal must be judicial and fiscal. Towards the colonial civil and criminal legal codes we need to shed the prescription from 1866 and opt for empowering people based on equality in real terms across the board. A General, a Judge, or a rich politician, a manipulating bureaucrat cannot remain the untouchables for the judicial scales when they transgress the law.
Similarly when it comes to fiscal management we need to respect our medium of exchange as it represents our labor, production base and our natural resources. We have to import in our own currency and export in the currency of the buyers. This is successfully possible when we create our commonwealth of nations allowing a tariff free trade with people of our faith. It is at the crux of the issue as a reform to prevent our remaining colonized directly or indirectly. Towards concluding this article I must dwell on deep-seated fears that have remained ingrained in the hearts and minds of our establishment over time. Terribly anti Islamic for an Islamic Republic and a mockery of our foundation (independence) they have remained mortally fearful of standing up on their feet and have held back an entire nation from breathing the aroma of sovereignty. Defending the status quo has been the bravado of their prowess and this is truly unacceptable to any self-respecting citizen of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I implore all who belong here to reflect on common sense and take that long awaited step forward Let us stand up as kneeling down will enslave us further.
— The writer is an entrepreneur and author based in Karachi.

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