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Lets come together and change the direction of our rudderless lot, onto progressive routes.
Let’s put in our little sffort and make a difference!
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Under the banner of “OUR future: OUR ideology”, we will hold regular debates on dilemmas confronting our populace and thrash out with experts the possible solutions. Our structure will comprise of a thesis on each topic being presented by one expert followed by a panel debate between academic and technical experts of the field. A working session will follow entailing questions from the audience thus opening the floor to a wider range of ideas and perceptions and keeping the audience engaged.

Panelists will include specialists from the academics, technocrats, bureaucrats, religious scholars, personnel from the armed forces, the judiciary and others in accordance with the demand of each topic. We will strictly avoid any political discussion, since our dialogue will be based on issues and not personalities and organizations.

A jury comprising of reputable retired judges and members of the civil society will grace the seminars and will impart a declaratory verdict based on the deliberation of the seminar with an end purpose to compile a white paper archive over time.


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Debut Seminar:
The debut seminar will entail a discussion on the validity of the drive “Our Future: Our Ideology” in general and the applicability of the Divine Dictum as the rule of law. The thesis will be presented on the aforementioned topic and will be debated and discussed by four keynote speakers (Panelists), leading to a recommendatory opinion from the Jury.

Regular Seminar(s):
The platform will arrange fortnightly seminars addressing the operational aspects of the society on a macro level. The proposed topics for the initial 12 seminars are (not essentially in the same order):

  1. Constitutional Validity;
  2. Land Reforms;
  3. Labour Reforms;
  4. Capital Reforms;
  5. Enterprise Reforms;
  6. Foreign Policy Reforms;
  7. Judicial Reforms;
  8. Educational Reforms;
  9. Social Reforms;
  10. Political Reforms;
  11. Industrial Reforms;
  12. National Assetization Reforms.

After having addressed the macro operational aspects, we will move onto addressing micro categories. These will include (but will not be limited to):

  1. Corporate & Banking Laws
  2. Human Right Laws
  3. Prison Laws
  4. Family Law etc.

A white paper will be published annually reporting all the proceeding and the opinion of the judges.

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