Kogon Plan is a mirror to our current scenario

Naeem Baig

—An introduction to the novel by Naeem Baig*

“Kogon Plan by Naeem Baig is a well-written novel which is combining a secret agent plot with a touching love story. It throws a spotlight on the difficult struggle of Pakistan with the threat of ‘Islamic’ terrorism. The main character of the book, Capt. Sahel Farhaj, is an impressive person. The deep feelings that develop between him and a nurse, that is caring about him in a military hospital after a failed clandestine mission, add a very moving aspect to this political thriller’, this is how the novel was introduced briefly by Dr. Joachim Riecker, the Anchor-person & Political Analyst at Madsack & Markische Media House Berlin Germany. He ended up by saying, ‘Naeem Baig succeeded in writing a very good book and I wish him and his novel great success!’


Another reviewer, Col. Khaqan Sajid Mirza, an Islamabad-based author and critic has come out with a clearer introduction to the pen-work of able novelist, Naeem Baig. Expressing his views, he stated that KOGON PLAN was a beautiful novel; surely one of the best he had ever read on the subject of terrorism and counter intelligence in post-9/11 scenario.

“The book contains heart stopping glimpse of conflict between terrorists and homeland intelligence operators, and of course great sense of responsibility, patriotism and loyalty exhibited by professional officers in accomplishing their mission. It is a fast paced, high calibre writing that a lover of spy and action tales must read. The author appears to have carried out a lot of study and research related to working of terrorist organizations and conduct of military counter intelligence operations, before writing the novel. Beauty of this fictional work however, does not lie merely in his knowledge of the subject. It precisely consists in his ability of absorbing it into his flawless art’’ the learned reviewer commented.

Col. Khaqan Sajid Mirza has written quite a frank review on the Kogon Plan. He said, ‘We are always glad genuinely to live through some experience not our own—it is one of the functions of fiction to satisfy that need–provided we have not been swindled emotionally and intellectually. Naeem Baig has succeeded in achieving that end in an admirable manner. I think he deserves profound appreciation for having assembled an amazing action-packed narrative that moves at the perfect pace throughout.

The reviewer was of the view that for many readers the book would prove to be one of the hardest to put down, without reading till its end.


KOGON PLAN was published in Oct, 2014 by UMT (University of Management & Technology), Lahore, Pakistan. Its launching Ceremony was held at Avari Hotel Lahore on 6th may, 2015. Renowned scholars, poets and writers including Dr. Qasim Bughio Chairman Paksitan Academy of Letters Islamabad (In chair), Amjad Islam Amjad, Mustansar Hussain Tarar. Salima Hashmi, Salman Shahid and Asghar Nadeem Syed attended the ceremony and read out their analytical reviews.

At the outset preliminary introduction came from UMT Director Abid Sherwani followed by a speech from the Author Naeem Baig describing and exploring his experience during the course of writing of this Novel. Then all the six dignities delivered their analytical reviews on Kogon Plan by addressing the audience. Then many more known writers/ scholars came forward from audience to review the book in their own words. Mr. Hafiz Tahir, Secretary Halqa Arbab-e-Zauque, Lahore and Mr. Saleem Shahab, Editor of a known journal are worth mentioning.


The management of University of Management and Technology had in fact held launching ceremony of two different books, published by UMT Press named ‘’Kogon Plan’’ and “The Dead River” here in Avari Hotel. ‘These two English writings revolve around different topics. “Kogon plan” written by Naeem Baig is a thrilling novel based on the topic of war on terrorism, while “The Dead River” by renowned literary personality Abdul Qadir Junejo. This is fiction writing on the topic of our norms and values which had been forgotten’, a press-release revealed, here.


Rector UMT Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad, Director General UMT Abid HK Sherwani, Director UMT Press Mirza Muhammad Ilyas, Intzar Hussain, Yousaf Bashir, Asghar Nadeem Sayed, Dr Amra Raza, Ahmad Safi, Athar Tahir Ch. Nabeela Kayani and many other literary personalities were also present in this ceremony.


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*Naeem Baig is a Lahore-based Pakistani Freelance Writer & Novelist. He can be contacted on: +92 333 4723618 or [email protected]




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