Kraft – eliminate ANY and ALL sources of phthalates that may end up in your food.


My name is Chris Kindem, and I’m a mom of two living in West Seattle.

You may have seen the recent news coverage of a study that found toxic industrial chemicals called phthalates in some mac n’ cheese powders. Like many moms, I was shocked to learn that one of my kids’ favorite meals might contain chemicals linked to harmful health effects.

Mac n’ cheese is popular in my family: it’s simple, inexpensive, and most importantly, a kid-pleaser. It’s saved me many a lunch, and the occasional dinner, when my husband and I are too busy or exhausted to fix an elaborate meal for the family.

Sign my petition to call on Kraft to eliminate ANY and ALL sources of phthalates that may end up in its food products!

The new research found phthalates in the powdered cheese of all 10 individual packets of mac n’ cheese tested. Measured in fat, the levels in mac n’ cheese powders were on average four times higher than they were in hard cheese blocks or other natural cheese. Yikes! Even worse, one type of phthalate that has been banned in toys—DEHP—was found in every cheese powder tested.

Phthalates are linked to a genital condition in baby boys associated with increased risk of reproductive health problems, as well as harm to the developing brain that can lead to learning challenges and behavioral problems.

Sign this petition now if you think Kraft should eliminate ANY and ALL sources of phthalates that may end up in its food products.

Phthalates have not only been detected in mac n’ cheese powder, or even just cheese products. Phthalates have been found in all kinds of food—especially in more packaged and processed foods. In fact, one of the biggest sources of exposure to phthalates is through our food.

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Phthalates can get into our food—and our bodies—by escaping during food processing from plastic tubing, conveyor belts, the plastic gloves food workers wear, and even from some food packaging.

I don’t want these chemicals in the food I feed my kids!

The good news is that safer alternatives are widely available for food processing and packaging. Food manufacturers can and should replace food contact materials containing phthalates with safer alternatives.

As a market leader, Kraft has the power to drive industry-wide change by finding and eliminating any and all sources of phthalates that end up in any of its food products.They’ve already reduced artificial food coloring – they can do it with phthalates too.

Kraft must take action and help protect its youngest customers from these chemicals. Kraft: eliminate ANY and ALL sources of phthalates that may end up in your food.

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