Longest Thespianz String Puppetry Festival


Thespianz Theater has started 40 days String Puppetry shows for Elite and Medium class of schools in Karachi. This activity has already been started since May 1st week.

Today 18th May 2015, Thespianz Theater has performed String Puppetry Act with the theme of “Ali Baba Chalis Choor” in IMC (International Montessori Center) School.

Two performances were made by the artist of Thespianz Theater, each performance took half an hour.

Students of IMC School were so excited to see the puppetry show in their school, they were all happily chanting and cheering up the Artists of Thespianz Theater during the show.

Teachers and parents were appreciated the puppetry show performed by Thespianz Theater. They said these types of performances can be seen on International Platform or Television therefore they were glad to see such puppetry act for childrens through Thespianz Theater.

At the end of the show, students, teachers and parents applaud Artists of Thespianz Theater.

Faisal Malik, Artistic Director of Thespianz Theater wishes to spread the importance of stage arts to youth as according to him, the art of String Puppetry is dying therefore, he is in continuous progress to aware the youth and childrens about the importance and essence of Puppetry acts.

This activity will continue till whole month and Thespianz Theater is confident to perform these arts in thousands of the people from Karachi just to make these theater alive through efforts of Faisal Malik and his team.


Faisal Malik
Artistic Director – Thespianz Theater

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