Lt-Gen (retired) Nasser Khan Janjua delivered lecture on Pakistan Security Environment at PIIA


KARACHI: -Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security Lt-Gen (retd.) Nasser Khan Janjua delivered a lecture on ‘Pakistan’s Security Environment and Future Projections’ on April 14th, 2017 at Pakistan Institute of International Affairs (PIIA).A large gathering of diplomats, foreign policy analysts and media personnel attended the event.

Some of the key points of his lecture are as follows:

  • Terrorism in Pakistan was the aftermath of “supporting” foreign forces in Afghanistan, which the world had now forgotten. Nobody sent their soldiers to fight the USSR in Afghanistan; Pakistan stood by its neighbor.”
  • We are acting as a frontline state in the war against terrorism, but, unfortunately the world fails to acknowledge the role of Pakistan
  • The two nuclear powers — Pakistan and India — could not remain enemies forever and need to interact with each other to resolve their bilateral disputes.The understanding would soon prevail within Indiaon how long it could remain the enemy of Pakistan
  • India’s inclusion in the multibillion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project is conditioned to the resolution of outstanding dispute on Kashmir. CPEC will provide great connectivity to the world.
  • The world must tell India to do so. The animosity has to go out of the window – for the sake of wellbeing of the people.
  • We are a Muslim country, suffering from extremism. Terrorism has made us an insecure county, at the global level. Because we are a nuclear state, other world countries fear that our nuclear weapons may fall in terrorists’ hands. Also, we areeconomically poor. Some view us as playing a double game in case of Afghanistan and by claiming we are supporting the Taliban.
  • While addressing the Balochistan issue, he said there had been a change in heart and mind of the people of Balochistan, because of the power of love.We address their issues; lick their wounds and concerns of sense of deprivation. These are honored, valuable people. The insurgents are sitting abroad. They are the only ones left to win over.
  • ‘Largely, as I see insurgency has been marginalized in Balochistan. The state is ready to reconcile with such people, if they come forward and don’t hedge on it. They should come forward and equally play their part in the country’s politics.’
  • Balochistan was the area, where the national flag was being burnt, but now once again, it was being raised, and we have connected with the people.
  • Addressing the issues of Fata, Karachi and Balochistan, he said the operations carried out by the armed forces have resulted in lessening terrorists activities like bombings, with great many of these happening in February 2014.
  • The fallout of the war against terrorism has greatly affected Pakistani, in huge numbers, with losing as many as 40,000 of its civilian to 5,000 of its armed forces.
  • The acts of terrorism across the country had visibly reduced after launching of operations against terrorists.
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