Mera Pakistan Conference | 2015


Mera Pakistan Conference 2015

By Farhan Khan

KARACHI:  Mera Pakistan Conference 2015, being the second episode, was organized by the COMMECS on March, 25th, 2015, here, at a local hotel.  The event highlighted the significant development the country has achieved in natural and human resources, since its creation.  The aim of the conference was to turn despair into hope and pessimism into optimism; to inform the new generation the reason to be proud on their county. COMMECS, an association of alumni of Government College of Commerce & Economics, has played an active role in the field of education by establishing an intermediate college and a business school, besides their institute for the faculty development programme.

Mr. Faisal Arab, the Chief Justice Sindh High Court was the guest of honour in the Stalwart Awards. held after the conference.  M. Javed Okhai, President of COMMECS informed the audience that Mr. Justice Arab was also amongst the former students of Government Commerce College.

He further added that the COMMECS was working to promote a positive image of Pakistan and if the other alumni also followed in the footstep of COMMECS, no one could stop us in bringing education revolution in the country. He appreciated the effort of the COMMECS for organizing the conference to highlight the positive aspects of our country. “This is the right time for the educated persons to step forward and play their role in negating the negative perception of the country. We are the first class citizen in our Pakistan only. We should be proud to be a Pakistani,” he urged the audience.

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Earlier, Nadeem Hussain, President Tameer Micro Finance Bank claimed that Pakistan’s banking scenario would be changed in 3 to 4 years. He informed that 50 million new mobile accounts would be opened by 2017; the mobile account could be used in more than 2 lacs places; for paying utility bill and for shopping even from purchasing six oranges.  A new mobile bank account will be opened in just a single minute, while the customer could obtain his ATM card in just 5 minutes. The use of paper currency notes would gradually be decreased in the coming years, predicted Nadeem Hussain.

Syed Shabir Zaidi, former president ICAP was of the view that our problem was not the shortage of finance, but, mismanagement rather. ‘We do not need to open new schools. We should rather open the existing defunct schools and run them properly’.

Syed Asad Ayub Ahmed, President and CEO of The Teachers Foundation (TCF) speaking on this occasion said, “TCF has more than 1000 schools, mostly in rural areas, all over Pakistan in which more than 150,000 children are studying. We only charge Rs.100 Rupees fee from student in contrast to the TCF Rs.1200 cost per student”. He further informed that the TCF have created more than 11,500 jobs, around 7,500 female teachers as the TCF has only female faculty.

The other speakers at the conference included Ahmed Chinoy, Fareed Alam, Amjad Khan, Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, Saif-ud-Din Zumkawala, and Ahmed Abdul Bari. All speakers were very hopeful about the future of the country and they highlighted the progress in different fields, during last year. It was a sheer consensus among the speakers that our nation could reach the zenith of progress if we believe in ourselves and stop depending on others.

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Farhan Khan
Mr. Farhan Khan, holding a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) in 1st Division from the University of Karachi. Farhan Khan has got rich experience in Communications, Public relations and Media, with some excellent communication, writing, managerial and reporting skills.Once a part of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), as a Communication & Liaison Officer (2010-2012), he is currently serving Live Rostrum, as Manager Regional Leads for the Live Rostrum News Agency.

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