By Farhan Khan

Karachi: A very interesting exhibition of the architectural designs by two young artistes, Arsalan Rafique and Anique Azhar, under the theme of NON SITE was kicked off on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at the gallery of the Indus ValleySchool (IVS) of Art and Architecture.

The artiste and art teacher,Arsalan Rafique while speaking to the Live Rostrum said, “We need to create architecture that cannot be seen in the real world. We are trying to show architecture in a new way. You will find illusions in my drawings which could be exist in drawings but not in the real world’’.

He further stated, “Drawingsin the professional fields are completely different from the theoretical designs as the content automatically changes according to the mechanism of the drawing to challenge this basic of architectural design we started this exhibition”.

Elaborating his works, the young artiste said, “Rooms without destination is an attempt to remove architecture and the process of its making from the pragmatic and logical constraint the professional has located itself within. Using architecture drawings as a mechanism of critique ‘vessels’ that house ‘implausible space’ for ‘inconsequent purpose’ are drawn not to be built but to be experienced nonetheless. This work is a set of absurd architectures from a world not visible yet palpable. By the removal of all discernable logic and function from these ‘rooms’ we are left with capricious monuments of recluse’’.

Anique Azhar, another artiste and practising architect, was of the view that our exhibition discourse was at one place the architecture which was very much grounded and practical on the other side the architect whichwas fictional. Space is a common aspect in both works.

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Expressing his viewson this occasion, “ In the course of an architecture practice, it is revealed that when one is simultaneously needed to navigate creative, practical and economic concerns the process inevitably focuses- tunnel like and singular, on one entity alone: The End. Engulfed by requirements and restrictions one might tend to overlook the importance of conceptual thought and making it, as much a reality as mere form”.

IVS Gallery was established in 2008 as a nonprofit space similar to the institution. It is located in the right wing of the historical Nusserwanji building. It is divided in two atriums which aid in serving as a multipurpose space.

The work of the young artistewas much appreciated by the art-lovers visited the exhibition. The exhibition will continue at the IVS Gallery until May, 07th, 2015.

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