OYE KUCH KAR GUZAR screening at Karachi Film School

KARACHI: – One of the first interactive online movies of Pakistan, Oye Kuch Kar Guzar, was screened on recently at Karachi Film School. The movie provides an opportunity to the viewers to select the plot of the movie. The leading actor of the movie Ali Safina – TV actor and commercials model briefed the audience about the project at this occasion.

Making online movie trend is new in the country and it seems it has great potential, citing the lack of silver screens and closure of many multiplex screens after recent stern relations with India.

The trend of watching movies at the multiplex has negatively been affected and most of the cinema goers have stopped visiting multiplexes after the ban of Indian movie in the theatres, which were the main attraction for the audience.

It is important to mention here that the Cinepax, having the largest circuit of screens in eight cities of the country have closed half of their screens (40 out of 80). The situation has terribly affected thousands of people associated with the film fertility and cinema business industry. It was all happened in only five to six years when the ban on Bollywood movies lifted in the country, and the people very fond of Indian movies thronged to the cinema houses and multiplexes. The culture of watching movies in theatres was just started establishing when things have started rolling back. Several multiplex projects have been halt after this situation and thousands of people have lost their jobs especially the personnel on contacts and do odd jobs.

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In the whole scenario, making online movies- usually having very low cost, might be a visible option for the new filmmakers, especially, when the country has good telecom infrastructure (ten to fifteen telecom companies having throat cut competition) which is still a distant dream for many countries.

Ali Safina, who debut his mainstream movie career with the film Jalaibee, while explaining the benefits of online movies said it gives you a factual number of viewers watches your movie; even you could know the most popular time slot of your film.

Responding to the question of the budget of the movie, he said, it’s a peanut in comparison to the mainstream movies’ budget; you could make an interactive movie within your budget, depending on the story you are narrating and the recourses available to you.

People are making money through digital media. For Pakistani You tubers two good things have happened in the recent past; first the ban on YouTube has been lifted; secondly, the monetization has been started for us on YouTube, he said. In this case, you could earn through Youtube depending on the success of your content.

We have a perception that everything is free on the internet, which is actually not. You might have noticed that you are not getting that large number of likes on your post on Facebook as you used to be in the past. The reason is after making us habitual to use Facebook, they want to make money from us. They take a sample of your post, which shows on left-side of the screen. They show small button of SPONSOR, you could share your post to 3,300 people by paying PKR 110 Rupees, he stated.

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He said, “All my scenes of the movie shot just only in nine days, as we squeezed ourselves too much. The movie is shot on Anamorphic lens ( a small thing which makes big difference in videography)”.

He added in the Oye Kuch Kar Guzar, the voice over is also narrating the story; and in some scene, the actors are interacting with it.

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar has a very simple story of a poor youngster- Sherry, son of a motor mechanic,  who want to become a famous rock star, facing opposition from his father, who want him to join his father business, the story reveals how Sherry struggles to achieve his dream. A very common theme of the movie which encourages youngsters to choose their career’.

Farhan Jamalvy- the founding director of Karachi Film School said, “Karachi Film School is offering One-Year Film Diploma (Vocational Training Program) comprises twelve courses aims for individuals to launch their careers in Film and TV industries.

Farhan Khan
Mr. Farhan Khan, holding a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) in 1st Division from the University of Karachi. Farhan Khan has got rich experience in Communications, Public relations and Media, with some excellent communication, writing, managerial and reporting skills.Once a part of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), as a Communication & Liaison Officer (2010-2012), he is currently serving Live Rostrum, as Manager Regional Leads for the Live Rostrum News Agency.

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