Pakistan Observer & Pak-Japan Business Forum organise the RTC on 65th year of Pak-Japan diplomatic ties


Celebrating the 65th auspicious anniversary of the great cordial relations between the ‘Land of Rising Sun’-Japan and the ‘Land of the Pure’-Pakistan, the most concerned quarters of the Media and the Business community have come up with the idea of hosting a Round Table Conference-RTC on the 65th Year of Diplomatic Relations of Pakistan & Japan, which was held today, under Pakistan Observer and Pakistan-Japan Business Forum, here, in a local hotel. Governor Sindh, Mr. Muhammad Zubair graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, while His Excellency Mr. Toshikazu Isomura, the Consul General of Japan in Karachi was invited as the Guest of Honour.

Expressing their views on the core subject of diplomatic relationship of the two countries, the dignitaries, as well as the Guests of Honour in the RTC on the 65th Year of Diplomatic Relations of Pakistan & Japan had emphasised the need to work out dynamic, gigantic plans to swiftly up boost the economic cooperation between the two friendly nations and overall progress of the region. It may be pointed out here that the current balance of trade is not in favour of Pakistan which needs to be readdressed, soon.

“In the case of Japan – Pakistan specific needs, we suggest that our human resource need to be uplifted with labour skills from costs that our natural resources can pay for.  A string of poly-technical schools around Pakistan, and we need about 3,400 of them, be signed off under the administration of the Armed Forces of Pakistan preferably, to convert our youngest labour force on the planet to become a valid part of the production chain in any economy.  Land, Labour, Capital and Enterprise make up for a production base anywhere and in Pakistan Skilled Labour is the missing link when compared to Japan” opined Mirza Shahnawaz Agha, Chairman- Allied Group Holdings Limited (AGHL), while addressing the RTC on the 65th Year of Diplomatic Relations of Pakistan & Japan.

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Elaborating the essentials of the economic relations between the developing Pakistan and the well-developed Japan in the RTC on 65th Year of Diplomatic Relations of Pakistan & Japan, the enthusiastic intellectual, Mirza had earnestly spoken of what was lacking. He said, ‘I have seen the huge laundry list of bilateral protocols and agreements between Pakistan and Japan but when it comes to devising a destination with a road map, not all are in sync’

The RTC on the 65th Year of Diplomatic Relations of Pakistan & Japan has paved the way to further initializing the concrete planning and working for the advance progress of Pakistan’s economy, besides undergoing the ‘missionary plan’ of CPEC. As such, the fora like Pakistan-Japan Business Forum, founded on February 06, 2001, with blessing of the Ambassador of Japan, Pakistan Business Cooperation Committee and the Federal Minister of Commerce, Industries & Production at the official premises of the Consulate General of Japan would certainly be fruitful in finding the ways for stronger business and industrial ties between the two friends.

While highlighting the significance of events like RTC on the 65th Year of Diplomatic Relations of Pakistan & Japan, we must not forget here that the visionary veteran journalist of Pakistan, late Zahid Malik was very vocal and active in rendering the endeavours for overall development of Pakistan. His esteemed newspaper, Pakistan Observer is now been progressing under his son, Faisal Zahid Malik, who is also the Vice Chairman of his think-tank, 101 Friends of China.

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