Personality worship in Islamic Republic

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha
Mirza Shahnawaz Agha

TO revere, honour and idealize heroes in societies is healthy, in defence of any culture and or an ideology. Worshipping personalities have only figured in human history for reasons of fear and or economic gain (as in the protection of a profit centre). Cases of human worship for reasons of unexplainable phenomena like the first human to be worshiped was a pregnant woman is also not uncommon in as much are saints, sages and prophets whose intellect caused an awe and warranted a following for survival. These categories of personality worship, notwithstanding, the loss of former East Pakistan, the loss of a large part of Kashmir and the disparity between provinces today, the like, cannot be blamed on to personalities so much, as they are attributable to the absence of equitable law. Laws those are applicable across-the-board and upheld by all the institutions of the State.

The latest Human Civilization so referred to is the US and this is so adjudged by sociologist because of the uniform applicability of the law across the board. Proverbially, what is good for the goose is good for the gander! If we have not realized this in seventy years of our existence then there is something seriously wrong with the leadership in office. The Armed Forces, the Judiciary, the Executive and the lame media are all equally responsible. The consequent out-fall of this negligence has delivered the State into a rudderless ship where nothing is do-able to climb out of decadence into prosperity. In my experience and exposure of the ruling elite in succession, I have realized that protocol, bloated egos and self-aggrandizement has given us deaf, dumb and blind personalities that fail to wake up from their deep slumber. Merit has been replaced by corruption and understandably these are individually and collectively a lot of very dead people barking in denial of life.
We have headed for the 23rd of March and we once again saw a road show of marches, songs and rhetoric representing zilch. We have in essence celebrated zero industrialization, a fast eroding Rupee, loss of export revenue, absence of defence and foreign policy and rampant unemployment of the youngest labour force on the planet. We decorate each other with medals for achievements that have failed to impact any tangible uplift of the general population. A population, that remains without education, welfare or any form of healthcare. Ironically people predominantly inter-connected have come together over the years to rule the State with the worst criminal conduct conceivable. This lot is so firmly in the saddle that all those who could make a difference to the State have left for more civilized living pastures. One can see the Chiefs of the Judiciary, the Executive and the Armed Forces, all without an exception, stepping on each other’s toes or legally indulging into activity that is outside the realm of their legal domain. Who does the commoner go to complain, to seek justice, to get what is his/her entitlement as a citizen? Who can feed in the insatiable appetite of the servants that are there to mitigate the problems of us the employers? Do we resort to foreign powers? Do we need to sell our souls loyalties honour and pride as a nation to get the basics? The answer is yes should we reflect on the situation as is prevalent.

This article is to probe options that can deliver us from this diabolic, suffocating and oppressive order of the state to aspire for real independence. Simply put, we need administrative and fiscal decentralization. We need to revert power back into the hands of the people such that they can choose their own servants to serve as government and hold them strictly accountable. What is on the anvil for us to consider in the context is ‘urbanization’ for the effective management of the people; and towards management ‘ethnic plurality’ representing at least thirty-six provinces. We need in addition towards fiscal decentralization the management of the said urban areas to be governed as municipal companies duly quoted on stock exchanges with the provincial government as the principal regulator. This will become an avenue of investment for returns for the people replacing RIBA with dividends.

More. In turn, the Federal government would regulate the provinces by indigenously devised set of SOPs and standardization benchmarks. Industrial estates, mining estates agricultural estates and tourism areas are all in addition to be carved out as identifiable production and profit centres for the people to take benefit from. This is not a divide and rule structure it is a structure for cleansing the rot that has set in over seventy years. We need to break the dragnet that has taken us hostage to celebrate true independence. As we move up on the structuring ladder we need to have a party free bi-caramel legislature that comprises all urban units of the State. Their principal activity must be legislation based on the proposed laws of an Upper House that must comprise the elders of our societies duly honoured by recognition to be philanthropists of wealth, knowledge, skill and public service achievements. While the proposed structure is purely in sync with requirements of management it can be viewed as one supportive to our ideology where it will bring about equality, equity, accountability and fiscal management free of personality worship. Let us unite to seek and desire the best for our Pakistan. Zindabad.

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