Politics is not a nomenclatured skill

Politics is not a nomenclatured skill
Mirza Shahnawaz Agha
Mirza Shahnawaz Agha

I am appalled that politics is being viewed by a large number of our youth as a profession. They have picked scoundrels as role models and have defined goals in denial of honest hard labour or scruples of any sort. Social mercenaries are being brewed for progeny! These people seriously think that this is the route to material and social success and all they need to offer is their face for starters! Politics is no more a grand cause of ‘service to humanity’, that one needs to represent. It is being viewed as a career path to glory and wealth both, irrespective of the means to the end. Historically we have proven that the scum of the earth, the social failures, parasites on the society, the criminals of kinds and the fiddlers can rise to positions of high office in the country and in denial of all laws. That has corrupted the mind set and value paradigms of our youth. They are doomed by the historical legacy of leadership in an Islamic Republic that ought to have been the bastion of justice amongst peers. Are values at all important is a question that is posed today?

We cannot see human friendly values in the so-called super powers in the macro context. In the same stride and in the visage of the super powers yet again we cannot see it in the ruling elite internally? The clear signs are all in the negative. Is this a problem a dilemma that needs our attention? Do we have the wisdom and the good sense to recognise the evil? Is it plain indifference by us that will continue to prevail? Are we consigning this danger yet again to some political nonsense? What a lousy leadership in any society cannot redeem and rectify they have, in human history always consigned to politicising. In a pathetic global environment today, a responsible leadership is bound to retain its value systems and model social responsibility in its people. This does not come from producing religious bigots it comes from the stringent following of the law that is engineered to protect society. In addition it comes from providing a base for imparting education that is free of regimented and suffocating containment of thought. Children must be encouraged for inquisition and must be free of class differences. They should freely be able to focus on the acquisition of a knowledge base that promotes research and retains a thirst for truthful wisdom.

The today’s social environment has pinned the focus on social recognition for every class and discipline in society and with one single objective – quick wealth! This again is a deformity, a misnomer, as wealth is not and cannot be made the basis of social recognition and respect. From a credible hadis of our Holy Prophet (PBUH), it seems to me that the preamble of Islam is based on two fundamental functions: Obedience to Allah and service of His creation. This implies what that famous sage Shams Tabriz observed: ‘Should one want to see Allah one should view human society as it returns many fold to you of what you give to it’. Our children must be brought up to learn to serve society instead of wanting to rob it, in the following of some political scoundrel.

One of the biggest hurdles in the achievement of the ideal goals narrated herein above is poverty. Predominantly Nation States, post their foundation, have remained captive to an imposed leadership. This imposed leadership has in turn remained captive to debt. Mostly these leaders were and are manifest as monarchs, clerics and or dictators. The democratic values, or the will to be self sufficient, were both absent in the presence of debt, which had to be retained. The denial to international debt has been considered a criminal act and a threat to the ruling elite for the retention of power. The population pockets in Nation States, under this diabolic structure on the planet, meanwhile live and have lived in denial, celebrating an independent status. This is at the root of a deformed social order and most certainly in denial of (Masavat) equality for all before the law. The consequent out-fall of following this global structure has resulted in a very corrupt legal structure within the country. The neutral umpire that ought to prevail between the governed and the governors is biased, being politically elevated to office due party allegiances.

In the end analysis we in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, presently, need a social, legal and educational setup that guarantees national and individual development of sorts and is squarely based on equality and fair play. The rat race geared to rob, destroy and deny the following of the law to the detriment of fellow man has to fiercely be put to an end. In such a social structure were feudalists and their partners the clerics are the ruling elite, both classified as politicians, social redemption for us the people is consigned to permanent slavery. The economics for this ruling elite is based on begging and a myopic vision, this has to be put to an end too. They cannot see beyond themselves and perhaps their pockets. The support bureaucracy chosen by them again are under paid just as they were under the colonist compelling a regime of bribes and criminality. This needs to be shelved too and decisively. Can we rid ourselves of this structure and can we introduce merit in place of this decadent order is the writ of the people against the state.

— The writer is an entrepreneur and author based in Karachi.

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