Role of Media in Safe Charity Practices

Role of Media in Safe Charity Practices

“When you gamble with safety, you bet your life, so it is essential for everyone to be very vigilant while giving charity as it may go in the wrong hands. These remarks were made by journalists who participated in the Social-thon organized by Individualland Pakistan on 9th May 2017 in Karachi.

Senior journalists including Mr. Ghazi Salahuddin, Mr. Zarar Khuhro and Mr. Kamal Siddiqui also attended the social-thon as guest speakers. Highlighting the importance of the issue, Mr. Salahuddin reiterated “Journalists have a responsibility to educate the citizens on important issues. Safe charity is a critical issue and media should play its role effectively to sensitize the citizens on this”

Individualland Pakistan recently launched an initiative on promotion of Safe Charity Practices through media to sensitize media personnel regarding safe charity practices by violent extremist groups and encourage them to play their role as allies in creating awareness among the citizens. During this initiative media personnel and journalists from both print and electronic media, bloggers and CPNE members were engaged in discussion on the issue. They were further assigned a task to publish news stories on safe charity practices.

During the Social-thon, the media personnel presented their news stories and assignments on safe charity practices and also shared their experience of how these trainings have helped them in becoming aware of safe charity practices. At the end of the event, awards and certificates were given to the participants who published their respective stories.

The participants lauded the efforts of Individualland Pakistan in organizing this event and demanded such initiatives and events should also be organized in the future.

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Farhan Khan
Mr. Farhan Khan, holding a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) in 1st Division from the University of Karachi. Farhan Khan has got rich experience in Communications, Public relations and Media, with some excellent communication, writing, managerial and reporting skills.Once a part of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), as a Communication & Liaison Officer (2010-2012), he is currently serving Live Rostrum, as Manager Regional Leads for the Live Rostrum News Agency.

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