SIUT to observe World Diabetes Day


Karachi, 11 Nov: With the rising figures of Diabetes in the world particularly in the developing countries who are taking the lead, the medical experts strongly believes that there is a pressing need to create awareness on this deadly disorder for not only primary prevention but for staying away from the complications.

This has been observed by the health experts and policy makers of WHO (World Health Organization) that a large number of female population are suffering from Diabetes especially those in the reproductive years. This year the day has been devoted to them with the Theme, Women and Diabetes with the slogan: Our right to a healthy future.

Like elsewhere in the world the World Diabetes Day will be observed at SIUT (Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation) on Tuesday, November 14 with an aim to educate public and to create awareness among the masses about the facts of diabetes management and the dangers of its complications.

An elaborate program has been chalked out for the day starting at 9.00 am which includes screening for Diabetes by blood glucose testing, weight and height measurement to detect obesity. Medical professionals and specialists would be present at the Institute to give medical advice and dietary instructions to visiting persons.

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