Social hi-tech vs material hi-tech

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha
Mirza Shahnawaz Agha

THE story of hegemony in human history is simply attributable to material prowess.
If I had gunpowder and you had stones to cast at me I would prevail and I did subjugate you. This is the long and short of what is manifest. What is hidden from view is the ‘need’ for subjugation of man by fellow man. Greed, of course! The possession of power and the possession of wealth as a consequence, have driven people in time to commit the most heinous of crimes and without any guilt of social responsibility. One can safely refer to this as an act of economic cannibalism! It is this social responsibility that is the crux of the issue and that is why when one gets down to defining ‘religion’, any religion, it is a science and an art of managing human society based upon equity. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. In the annuls of law, Social Hi-tech is therefore above material hi-tech and this must legally be accepted so the world over.
It is significant to note from the Pakistan perspective, this reality is legally not acknowledged disregarding both religion and the basic human right for the exercise of free will. We have politicized society to worship wealth and have dumped the one deity of worship for a multitude of deities destroying basic human values of serving mankind and loving our indulgence – for God sake! We are ‘each for himself’ and the means to the end are no more significant. A plight like this is neither new nor novel and luckily for us nor is the solution. Earlier in human history where societies leaned towards extreme materialism (like the one we see in Europe) or extreme monasticism (like the one see in Varanasi India) a prophet of God appeared to correct the course and more than often was able to bring about a balance. This enabled Monotheism to prevail over Polytheism and the erring societies were put right. This ironically is not going to happen as no prophet is expected to come to correct the course of our society. The message is here with us and it is now our job to legislate right and adjudicate without fear unquestionably.
All prophets that transited this earth, and they were a hundred twenty four thousand of them, had one common mandate and that was to kick society back into a balance from one extreme or another they had slipped towards. They all did their jobs as shepherds without using the mother of all bombs to subjugate their lot of sheep. It is the powers with material supremacy that have picked up the gun to force subservience of people to rob them. More. They use the clergy, an institution denied by Islam, as their partners to appease the robbed to accept the heist as an act of destiny willed by God! We have super power as a concept acknowledging colonialism and are required to content with the phenomenon because we will prevail in the hereafter and these marauders will burn in hell! We are now required to therefore remove ‘jihad’ as a legal article of our faith where it is incumbent upon us to address an eye for an eye.
Now here is what the writ of our ideology warrants in sync with our status as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan: We need to legislate independence from international laws, so assumed, that tie us down to subservience because we fear bankruptcy and or a war of annihilation. These fears are unfounded when we are already bankrupt and begging and subservient when we are without a foreign policy and being dictated to. One wonders what we celebrate on the Independence Day in August. It is time we put our house in order and free our people from colonial laws internally and free our country from laws that inflict neo-colonialism externally ascribed. The valid force in the country to cause this liberation is of course the army and they need to be empowered to develop their tools of self-defence indigenously. They must in turn allow the power to shift on to the people free from captive political constituencies.
This laid back force must understand that in the status quo rests the imminent excess of those external forces that will take over the effective control of this nation state because of a material check mate or a military one. This however should not imply that they back off from their protective roll right now to let politicians do what they like to the country. The political forces of Pakistan are ineffective corrupt and aliens to the intrinsic interests of Pakistan. This is not inviting the army to assert power as previously through Martial Law but use them to cause amends in the laws and the management structure of the country. Pakistan has to make an example of the architectural plans in an Islamic Country, as it ought to be. This is fundamental to our survival and the way forward.

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