Spreading the message of peace politicans at the Ishq Ramazan Transmission

Ishq Ramazan Transmission

-Debaters Got Talent – Ishq Ramazan Welcome Young Talented Debaters

– Skin and Beauty Care in Ramazan- Remedy For Acne Prone Skin

– Launch of Shabbir Abu Talib’s Album is out and the adoration with Prophet PBUH is inspiring others    Sahir announced to donate the cost spend on his styling to orphans

– Ishq Ramazan Breaking the Records In the Presence of Renowned Ulemas & Religious Scholars.

Eminent Religious Scholar/ Host Shabbir Abu Talib welcomed the audience with the meaningful message of spreading intellectual knowledge. Later, Shabbir began to introduce the special guests present at the 8th Sehar transmission from the sets of Ishq Ramazan.

In the first segment, Mufti Muhammad Shahid Madni recited a few verses from Quran and enlightened the audience with the ample knowledge of Quran with reference to the verses explaining the empathy.

Bilal Saleem Qadri graced the Ishq Ramazan Sehri transmission with their presence and educated thoughts.

In the most liked segment, Rohani Guldashtah Dr Syed Ashraf Jilani described the significance of Quran verses and their positive effect in one’s life.

‘Fajar Azan’ presented in the ardent voice of Naat Khwan Faseeh-Uddin-Soharwardi.

Concluding sehar transmission Shabbir invited Mufti Ishaq Madini and renown reciters to introduce the blooms of adoration on our Holy Prophet PBUH.

Eighth Sixth Iftar transmission of Ishq Ramazan began with Quranic verse recitation by Dr Mehmood Madni.

Host Sahir Lodhi welcomed the audience in the eighth Iftar transmission with a food for thought of the day. Sahir is known for his intellectual thinking, so does happens each day. Sahir began the transmission explaining the importance of helping humanity in the Holy Month of Ramazan and throughout the year. Later concluding the first segment Sahir introduced the panelists, experts and Naat Khwans as an integral part of TvOne Ishq Ramazan transmission.

Zaman Zaki Taji Brothers presented soulful Kalam “Bhardo Jholi”

In kitchen segment, Chef, Ehtesham prepared mouthwatering milk drink.

Qaseeda Burda Shareef , the most liked Kalam of Ishq Ramazan transmission was recited by the famous Naat Khwan panel other respectable reciters.

Later, Sahir welcomed Faseeh Uddin Soharwardi and young talent Hassan Bin Khursheed.

Furthermore, Sahir welcomed a representative from SIUT, representatives working at the center informed about the difficulties organization bear to execute the mission of founder Adeeb Rizvi Sahb. Moreover, the representative mentioned the requirement of funds at the SIUT. Even Sahir inquired about the patients at the center and announced the help in the mission of Dr Adeeb Rizvi.

Later introducing the youngest debater in the Ishq Ramazan transmission Sahir began with Andaz-e-Bayan segment with an intriguing topic. Most Andaz-e-Bayan segments liked Andaz -e-Bayan segment welcomed four contestants from yesterday’s transmission for yet another chance to showcase their talent. Furthermore, two out four contestants progressed to the next level of the competition.

In the Quiz Segment, Sahir welcomed the fresh set of participants to competition to progress in the next level of the competition. The competition is to enlighten the general knowledge and the knowledge of Islam to the audience, however, one out of the three teams progressed to the next level of the competition.

Reciter Hasan Bin Khursheed presented a heartfelt Kalam in Ishq Ramazan Iftar transmission leaving the audience teary-eyed.

Competition heat is on, however it’s just the eighth day of the ongoing competitions and we have a month to set the winners. Concluding the third Iftar transmission Sahir welcomed ulemas and NaatKhwans to perform eighth Roza Iftar together with a message of peace and harmony.

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