A person approached a sage, Shams Tabriz, and sought to meet Allah. With spontaneity the sage rose to his feet from meditation and took the seeker by the hand to a nearby summit of a hillock. He gestured at the village below and exclaimed ‘this is Allah’! ‘But this is the village I live in O’ Shams’! The man protested. ‘Take this for Allah, for what ever you give here He will return to you manifold’! The moral one derives from this saga is in the preamble of His message: “Obedience to Allah, and (to remain in) service of His creations.” The worth and value of giving, serving His creations, in this day and age, is a lost cause or virtue. All we want is to take and give nothing in exchange. This is Materialism. We must fear this ailment because this is one of the two disease, the other being Monasticism, that have plagued human society in history. Each time any society leaned either way; history saw the emergence of a divine messenger of Allah. All theses Prophets came with a common agenda and that was to disturb the status quo and set the balance of society right.

Should one interface and view the need for politics in this day and age from the perspective of the above scenario one will conclude: that with the finality of the message at hand for a just material and social harmony, and the emergence of the last prophet behind us, we have politics as a nonsensical indulgence allowing power to rest in the hands of the people manipulated! Politics today can only represent an economic dimension in the ethnic visage of religious and cultural needs distorting the liberties of human thought. The social dimension, which allows man to exercise free will, is in effect taken away from the people forcing them into a dragnet of social alignment for political objectives of others.  The people are Masters of their destiny by the exercise of ‘free-will’ and that is how liberal the Divine message is. It is not manifest with any compulsion that propounds regimentation of sorts protecting for instance the institution of the clerics who play brokers between the created and the Creator! Another valid case would be regimentation forced on us by any bureaucracy that leans on alien laws.

Based on this thesis, the doctrine of governance has to be free from monolithic sways of politics that peg material gain above principles of justice. We see that fiscal dependence has taken preference over interdependence that use to be, and the politics of today both in the micro and macro context reeks with the stench of pseudo material worship. Survival of societies is no more based on any innovative struggle; instead it has become a myopic, principle free, indulgence. This is branded as – ‘whatever it takes’! Nations that do not live by their ideology and allow usurpers to encage them people, are firmly treading on the highway to subservience. We must take warning of the impending doom that we as a Nation State have allowed ourselves to be a hostage to. A nuclear arsenal does not guarantee the safety of a Nation but its ideology does. In the Pakistan case, while we are sitting on a ticking atom bomb, and borrowed wealth the backlash is eminent and no politically motivated slander will absolve us the people from picking up the consequent debris. We need to take warning that if we do not plan the architectural façade of the country, entirely beneficial for us the people, then soon enough we will be a basket case of conflicting ideologies only serving the consolidation of a usurped power base. We need ‘architectural plans’ that have to be ‘branded’ and also ‘marketed’ to get firm-footed. While the borrowing and foreign investment based on cheap labor are slogans that is enabling a ‘money collection’ drive unabated the consequent erosion of raw-material, skilled labor and quality entrepreneurship is a devastating outcome.

Between politics and the structuring of a just society based on our ideology there are clear and vivid parameters to follow. We need to understand that a just society does not burden the people with economic, social and political stress. It does not burden its people with poverty and wealth is not an alien acquisition. Wealth is created and it represents land, labor and the ability to create enterprise free from the dictates of any regimented order dished out by the usurpers of any governing power. The political fragmentation of land, the captivity of labor in captive political constituencies, the non-qualified taxation of enterprise to service alien debt are a valid ideological writ of us the people against any government in office. The political forces that are an outfall of and in any society have to first subscribe to a common template for National development that protects the interest of the people foremost. The act of politicizing is therefore limited to ‘time’ and ‘evolutionary betterment’ in the achievement of an agreed common goal. Beyond this domestic political agenda rests the marketing of the branded domestic model cross-borders and that is the politics in foreign policy planning.

In the continuation of putting the cart before the horse we will seal our fate to decadence, servitude and ignorance. It is imperative and more so by the day, that we scrap the current model of statecraft, amend the laws and transfer power to the people who will and are able to mold the destiny of Pakistan, Kashmir inclusive and the region. The planted politicians and the Political Party Act as present are counter-productive to growth and our independence. It stinks of a primitive potion called stupidity.

I voice my displeasure of our National journey as is.

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