Muniba Mazari Story of a brave woman


Muniba Mazari born on 3rd March 1987, is a wheelchair-bound artist, writer, and singer. Muniba Mazari is of Balouch background and can speak multiple languages, namely Balouchi, Urdu and English. Muniba met with an accident in 2007 on her way to her hometown Rahim Yar Khan, which left her being paraplegic. She was bedridden for two years in Aga Khan Hospital. Her greatest supports in those difficult times were her mother and brother Omar. When her father and husband abandoned her she adopted her son Nael.


Although wheelchair bound, her spirit and artistry know no bounds. In fact, Muniba Mazari takes the agony of spinal cord injury as a challenge and is more determined to express her sentiments through her artwork. She started painting while on the hospital bed and remembers the time when she wasn’t even able to hold the brush. She did not give up and continued trying until she achieved her goal. When Salman Taseer (late governor of Punjab) visited, he bought all her paintings to motivate her and hence there was no looking back for Muniba.

Muniba Mazari appointed as National Ambassador by UN Women Pakistan


Muniba Mazari believes in playing with vibrant colors and portrays the naked truth of her emotions. Her work speaks her heart out and is all about people, their expressions, dreams, and aspirations. Her father was her first art teacher and she continued her passion for art and is known as one of the greatest wheelchair bound artists. Currently, she is running her brand by the name ‘Munibas Canvas’ with the slogan ‘Let Your Walls Wear Colors’. Being a mix media artist, her paintings promote and tell the world about Pakistani women, the ethnic jewelry shows the strength, passion and the way these women dream to pursuit their freedom.

Muniba Mazari says that her mentor Sarmad Tariq (late) taught her the art of living in the wheelchair with dignity, optimism, and self-confidence. She is now the brand ambassador for Tony and Guy wheelchair modeling, The Body Shop and Pond’s Miracle Woman in Pakistan. She was named the Goodwill Ambassador For UN Women in December 2015. Muniba is representing Pakistan in the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 lists of top promising young leaders, daring entrepreneurs and game changers from around the world, and along with that, she is also among the 100 influential woman around the world as rated by BBC.

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