The Chinese girl who cooks Biryani for Pakistanis

The Chinese girl who cooks Biryani for Pakistanis

Ever wonder why a Chinese would come all the way to Pakistan to start learning how to cook Biryani?

Well, this is the Time of Change, so, one should be prepared to embrace any sort of change, anywhere. So is the case of that pretty Chinese girl, coming over to entertain all TV watchers with a supposedly spicy Biryani, cooked by her, in an advertisement of a leading Pakistani spice brand. Let’s talk about the very TVC, technically.



  1. The Concept: It is a well-thought and well worked out, unique and genuine concept, keeping in view the prevailing ‘Copycat’ culture in the field of advertising in Pakistan. Yes, the idea of bringing people together through exchange of foods is good enough.
  2. The Copy: Overall, promptly approached and written.
  3. The Shoot: Camerawork is very up-to-mark. Long shots-turn-close ones are OK. No unnecessary BIG close-up shot for any reason.
  4. Direction: The director seemingly stood for some good time and got involved in all process.
  5. Acting : All artistes have done their job, smartly. The leading character, the Chinese girl is simply at par in delivering what she is supposed to.
  6. Prominence: It has emerged as the foremost advertisement, focusing the floodgate of Chinese arrivals, as the CPEC is very much underway. Now, the other market-leaders, especially the direct competitors are in a fix as to how produce something different to attract the countless people from the People’s Republic of China.


  1. Incorrect choice of language: By the way, showing Lahori people speaking Punjabi, besides the Punjabi song in the background reflect the misconception that Lahore speaks Punjabi and the dish belongs to them.
  2. This has certainly damaged the ‘Pakistaniyat’ (Pakistianiism), told and retold to the general masses by all concerned, throughout our history. Are you trying to lure Chinese to a ‘Punjabi’ dish, only?
  3. Secondly, Biryani is not a Punjabi dish, at all. So, people may out rightly reject the Punjab-based Why not a dish like Nehari and/or Paai?
  4. So, what if you turn over to Karachi, rather, where every sort of Biryani is frequently available all over the city, besides a large variety of local and foreign foods?
  5. How about the language selection? Should it be Sindhi, as Karachi is the capital of Sindh province?
  6. Casting issue: Keeping in view the overall significance of the advertisement, especially with regards to on-going CPEC, the cast MUST not be chosen from India.
  7. If just for the sake of CPEC, you or any other party picks Karachi for next advertisement, what would be the dish, chosen to show the Sindh-culture, exactly?
  8. Going through the Twitter trolls, one may be stopped by a girl, commenting: ‘How come the girl makes perfect Biryani on her first try in the new commercial? I can’t even make the rice look rice’. So, there might have been one or two more quick shots, showing her cooking Biryani on trial-n-error basis.
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