Bless Lord Macaulay for leaving a ‘civil’ and a ‘criminal’ code for un-divided India way back in 1866, shortly after the War of Independence. This was no small favour to the Crown and ironically remains as a shackle we choose to keep ourselves enslaved with, by our own lot of people in power.

This is not a script to cause awareness, but is a writ of the people to understand the leaders that have governed us for the last seven decades and are still sitting on the slanderous hill, called an august assembly. If those legal codes were that good, theywould have been used today by the Colonists in their own land for their own people.

The true face of democracy in Pakistan is an easy-sell alibi, being used by a bunch of profit center owners. They will never change this legal status quo as they would lose their captive political constituencies and become accountable to their employers – us the people. In the seven decades of our existence what we see is near zero legislative work that could enable us the people to rise as masters, and elect the governors, as our chosen servants.

We have an ‘Objectives Resolution’ as part of our constitution that states for the legislators to change all laws which are anti Islamic. This is conveniently brushed aside and all we see are laws being promulgated that will strengthen the dragnet for governing free of accountability and or consensus building for decisions. Islam and the demands of the religion towards governance have been consigned to the bin by promoting sectarian dissent. This is by design only to ignore ‘change’ that will bring true independence and welfare for the people.

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The apex courts again, are now there to adjudicate, within the limited legislated scope available to them, the war between the power seekers instead of enforcing the legal change that will transit power back into the hands of the people. The courts can force legislation in consonance with Islamic ideology for all those basic aspects of the Message of Allah, where there is no dissent between the sects. Example, all laws in use that were structured on the colonial philosophy of law making have to be rescinded forthwith and a new set of laws enacted to be promulgated.

I find all political parties, the religious ones included, and the so-called representatives of the people from captive political constituencies, as opportunists sitting in assemblies and holding public office as defenders of their respective profit centers that really in essence has nothing to do with the welfare of us the people. They are united in their common trade of committing a heist of the National wealth and yet would like us to believe otherwise.

This is what the big canvas displays and this what needs to be changed. Laws that support the status quo have colonized us the people by us the people. The Executive, the bureaucracy, the judiciary and the armed forces, are all a close-knit club of people who have predominantly emerged into office as a consequence of their political linkage to the captive political constituency of their belonging. That is corruption in denial of merit, so let us not say NO to corruption, instead let us say YES to merit.

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Since the highest court of appeal for ‘change’ is the defender of the status quo, the only plausible likelihood is a miracle of God or an economic checkmate. These captive constituency owners must take cognizance of the fact that the graph, which carries the sustainability of any profit center, is a curve. This curve in Pakistan has peeked off into a downward journey. Soon, we will hit the ground without resurrection as a possibility. We need to reinvent our status as an ideological Nation State and redefine the laws of the land that support the fundamental right of the people for the ‘exercise of freewill’ and legal parity.

I rest my case.

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha
Proprietor and Declarant
Live Rostrum News Agency

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