Let us start with some nonsense where one needs to indulge in a tug of war for grabbing money and profit centers from the revenue stream of the State. The alibi always is to protect an institution (of the several) within the State. It is like protecting a holy cow. A cow one milks to profit from. In this hypothesis the big picture of the State is oblivious and the myopic focus is on the frills of what can be done in the corridors of power to divert some additional revenue into the institutional coffers, largely for the benefit of the managers of the institution.

Divided into autonomous fiscal territories, the institutions of the State are pitched one against the other with the big picture lost from collective view.I see a form of brinkmanship where each institution wants to decisively establish its greater efficacy and importance over all others, although this surely spells doom. Governments have to be united in their institutional ranks with a common road map and absolute cohesion, a step above unity.

The chain of command comes from a common mission and vision representing the ideology of the State. Structured law of the land must always contain this fundamental. The management comes from a team and the team is made up of professionals. These professionals decide on a judicious organogram delineating the chain of command. The usual mistake several nation states in history have made is to have allowed disunity in the management of the state with a virus called ‘politics’.

This is the deity they did adopt, to worship as an act of ‘social shirk’ from our ideological perspective! The essence of politics if any for a Nation State has to be external with others of their like and certainly not within. With master plans in place for development and fiscal management duly auditablethe need to politicize is zilch. When all Citizens are accessible to the same level of benefits from the State, and there are no territorial barons above them Citizens to skim profits for their personal gain and dynastical consolidation the need for raising arms at public gatherings to display armpits is really not needed.

In Pakistan we have the wrong end of the stick. We seem to have segmented the population to be represented on regional, provincial, religious and parochial basis. This is done by profit taking barons each trying to deter the development of the country with some politicized nonsense. The unity amongst the population is fractured and the security of the State greatly compromised.  We are risking Balkanization by promoting and protecting this political circus.

The operational managers of the State, or the servants of the people, being political appointees at the top, are yet another economic vested interest. They are the speed breakers for any development plans that can place the country into the arena of a very competitive world.These burecrats are a protected species as they were designed to be, under the colonial laws, and therefore prevent absolute freedom to the people restricting enterprise and research both.

In a case scenario like this the restructuring for the management of the State has become a national security need. We need to restructure laws for land holding, taxation, population management, capital management and freedom of enterprise on a legally devised checklist basis without the possibility of burecratic interference. Nations that have progressed have allowed their population a safe heaven to indulge in enterprise without being bullied by an illiterate red tape.

We are perfect candidates for urbanization, direct democracy, multitude of industrial estates and a multitude of provinces. We are candidates to the full participation of the people at the micro management level and with total fiscal empowerment. We are without an option to destroy the current political setup that has rendered individual provinces to families and political barons. We are nailed to merit as our last and only option else corruption, the opposite energy, will devour the country into nothingness.

The power paradigms have shifted a long time ago on the planet from crude force to economics. The populations are managed through a fiscal discipline and not by the barrel of the gun. The people are left free to invent, innovate and research. They, the people, come up with enterprises that take human civilization a notch ahead on the ladder and the State benefits from this strength in consolidating its position of power in the community of nations. A good example is our initiative that was achieved in the defense deterrence we put together. All industrial development can and will only add to the national strength of the country and destroy the shackles of slavery, which tie us down to the hell of life. We must never lose sight of the fact that Pakistan is home; it is our refuge, our recluse and our identity. This country needs a very supportive media to report the world to us for how it inflicts our existence and competitive position and we need standards that are at the front end of known technology.

With the demise of politics within, we will see the demise of decadence and a social renaissance bringing home real independence.

Please take notice the concerned Pakistanis
Mirza Shahnawaz Agha
[email protected]

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