Thespianz Theater – American Band enthralls the audience


American Band Grace Mclean and Them Apples enthralls audience 

Karachi: Thespianz Theater, in collaboration with US Consulate and Pakistan American Cultural Center (PACC) organized a concert of an American Band Grace McLean and Them Apples on Thursday, April 23, 2015 at PACC.

These days, the NY- based musical band is on a tour of Pakistan and has performed in different cities of the country including the capital, Islamabad, in Music Mela where they received highest level of appreciation and popularity for their electrifying performance.  Following that the band reached the heart of the country, Lahore, where the masses were eagerly awaiting to welcome them. Lahoris also appreciated and enjoyed their music. And now, the band is in the economic hub of the country, as their final destination of this musical journey in Pakistan.

In this concert, Artistic Director of Thespianz Theater Faisal Malik, American Cultural Affair Office Pricilla, Director of PACC Nasir Saleem, S. Nusrat Ali Chairperson PACC Cultural Committee and Ali Chohan from Karachi Consulate were present.

Audience enjoyed the concert a lot, as the band enthralled them with their electrifying performance. A large number of students from Iqra University and CBM University had also attended the concert.

Grace Mclean did marvelous performances and when she performed with her own style i.e. Loopy Soul Pop, she looks excellent, creating different voices in one song. She had literally stirred up magic in the air with her voice.

Faisal Malik (Artistic Director) Thespianz Theater further explained to the journalist about Grace Mclean that she has researched a lot before coming over to Pakistan. She was quite happy and satisfied with the appreciations and fan-following she was getting from Pakistan.

Furthermore, Faisal Malik said that he was spreading the lesson of Love and Peace to local and international community.

  1. Nusrat Ali, chairperson PACC Cultural Committee while appreciating the singer said, “Many bands come here at the PACC, but for the first time, I have seen one person who is so talented. You are not only a singer; you are a dancer, composer and very good actress, as well. It is a beautiful blend of everything”.

On sharing the experience to Pakistan the band were on the view, “We had a wonderful time performing for and meeting the folks at the Pakistan American Cultural Center!  They were a very attentive and generous audience, and were digging the lyrics so much they suggested we bring them in a libretto next time so that everyone can follow and sing along. We also met some people from Thespianz Theater who were doing some very important work for theater in Pakistan.  I hope to come back and work with them and the PACC soon, we have program ideas brewing already”.

After the concert, Grace McLean and her musicians had performed one workshop with the Thespianz Theater artistes in which she explained about the International Music to Thespianz Artistes.

Grace McLean, whose performance was termed as “electrifying” by The Huffington Post and “spectacular” by the New York Times, is a multi-hyphenate actress-composer-singer-writer-teacher on the rise. In addition to performing in Off-Broadway hits, she also makes time for her acclaimed original music, both as a solo-artiste and with her band Grace McLean & Them Apples.

Manhattan User’s Guide writes about the aspiring talent: “This pop and jazz singer writes seriously infectious melodies with seriously antic lyrics. Her voice can raise the roof, or she can slide off a note and break your heart.”

In 2015 Grace performed in the world premiere of the Michael Mayer helmed musical “Brooklynite” at The Vineyard Theater, and her band opened the Lincoln Center American Songbook series with a free concert in January 2015. Make Me Breakfast, the 2012 EP from Grace McLean & Them Apples is available on iTunes now.

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It may not be out of place to mention here that Live Rostrum was the ONLY news agency to have been invited and covered this event, while Express Tribune stood all alone in the newspapers category to make it.

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