Review: VERNA fails to impress the cinema goers


Shoaib Mansoor is the most talented film director the country has, without any doubt. He had proved his directorial talent in his movies such as Khuda Kay Liye and BOL, and had several successful projects to his credits. But, this time after a gap of six years, in the movie VERNA, he has completely disappointed his fans.

Bad acting, weak-script, pathetic-story and stupidity, unimpressive music and average direction. This is how I could define VERNA.

Mahira Khan along with his husband, Haroon, and his husband’s sister goes to some remote place in the Northern areas of Pakistan, for having leisure time. While they were having a good time, some armed men of Governor’s son reached there and forced Haroon at gunpoint to either hand over his wife or sister to them. As they don’t have any option, Mahira volunteers herself to save his husband’s sister. After three days of kidnapping and rape, Mahira returns home. She asks his family members to report her rape case, but they refuse in the fear of defamation of the family. She decides herself to stand up against the injustice.

The most pathetic part of the story is that when Mahira decides to fight her case without family support and contact a female lawyer to file a case against the culprit. The lawyers explain to her that we cannot prove anything as 12 days has been passed since you kidnap and you haven’t been medically examined after you were being raped. They made a plan and Mahira again contacts rapist, Zarrar- Governor’s son, to meet again and established sexual relation again in order to prove her allegation against him medically.

It was the height of stupidity. The question is that in a society where you cannot prove the rape crime just after twelve days, is it possible that after having a sexual relationship again with the culprit, you could prove anything?

The second stupidity of the film is that when Mahira loses the case in the court, her grieved father buried himself in a grave in his study room after performing all religious rituals all alone by himself. Is it a joke?

The music of the movie is unimpressive; you hardly remember any songs when you come out of the theater.

Acting of all characters including leading roles of Mahira Khan, Haroon Shahid is below average and they hardly leave any impression on audience’s minds. Mahira either underreacts or overacts in her character.

The only good part of the film is that Shoaib Mansoor has tried to expose the cruelty of the feudal class and powerful politicians who are oppressing the people of other segments of the society. The cases of kidnapping of women even in front of their father and brother are quite common in villages of the country. Kudos the Showman for raising this issue on the silver screen again like his past practices of dealing with evil subjects of the society.

The movie could have been a gem, based on a very important social subject of increasing cases of women rape, but, unfortunately, the director missed the opportunity and fails to produce it in a powerful and impressive way on the screen.

I will give the movie two out of five stars. (2/5)


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