What is in sight for our tomorrow?

What is in sight for our tomorrow?

I was intrigued to ask a fortune telling parrot what were in store for us the people of this Islamic Republic tomorrow. Guess what, the parrot fell off the pedestal croaking in presumed laughter. I was more intrigued because a pea brain did seem to know something I did not! The purpose of asking the question was simple. Are we retaining the status quo or are we moving towards change? Are we going to have an engineered election and a consequent hung parliament with a silly coalition government? A government that would retain amplified directionlessness? That would retain the power brokers or engineers behind the curtain to perpetuate their aimless myopic visionless hold? Would they continue to serve the global agenda of keeping us colonized? What is on the anvil, with a silly recipe, for all ills called ‘democracy’?
A Nobel Laurent Bishop Desmond Tutu narrates: When the colonists came into Africa they came with the bible. They asked us Africans if we had a ‘religion’. Since we did not know what religion was we were asked to close our eyes, clasp our hands and kneel down. When we finally opened our eyes we had religion and the colonists had our land! The Western template of democracy as bought by us in the Islamic Republic is a colonial tool to enable a select few to rule this country keeping the entire population out of participation. The two objectives that are achieved as a consequence are the continued status of the country as a debtor nation and a dictated policy of continued subservience. It is high treason to allow the status quo to continue to exist. One can look appalled, at the judiciary, at the armed forces, at the executive and above all at the legislative assemblies and we can see private agendas and personality worship but will fail to see the total absence of cohesion amongst these pillars of the state.
The structural plans for this Nation State have never come to fore and worse our founding ideology has been negated just as much. What in effect is happening is money making game that can retain ‘captive constituencies’ and establish dynastical power grips on various parts of the country by a select bunch of so called politicians? This structure is serving only the institutional barons to retain their effective control over these selected scums of the earth so that their positions in life remain as un-touchable and their revenue streams remain intact. While this is ironically the reality on the ground and the whole truth the spill over effect on the country is devastating. The predominant population is being retained without skills or literacy consequently unemployed and the mounting debt is eroding the country’s ability to take independent decisions even if there were a compulsive religious requirement. A good example is that we cannot borrow on interest! Seemingly we have asked Allah to wait while we fiddle because we the so called religious leaders and or the ruling elite both fail to indulge in research and or engineering our own template to walk with. The sum total of our skills end with our ability to remain beggars and any dissenting view is ruled as cliché, exotic and impractical. The objectionable thing is the hold, the captivity of the population by a select few who are sworn to slavery for their economic ease.
What will if ever bring independence for the people is fiscal decentralization and abolishment of ‘captive constituencies’ in this country. It is time this country nationalizes land to become leasehold for all individuals and institutions across the board and adopts a regime of fiscal autarky at the most myopic levels possible. The foreign and defence policies must instantly be made in consonance with our ideology and so must our monetary management regimes. We have to learn to buy with the Pakistan Rupee and sell in the currency of the buyer. The upholding of the reserve currency regime of the world and treating the medium of exchange as a commodity are anti ideology in fact anti human. This initiative will bring us friends in an alliance and will arrest the colonist in their own territories. This is necessary to protect Pakistan from the consequences of actions and inactions of today by a very alienated, laid back and thoughtless leadership all around.
We the people of this country are hostages in the hands of donor countries and institutions and these are shackles, which are fiercely retained by the leaders of a very polarised institutional leadership within and their hand picked politicians that can bark slander but are visionless. The selection of leadership criteria has to be revisited, redefined and adopted in line with merit. My fear is that despite all the writing and the voicing of opinions nothing will or can change without the role of money required for buying change. This money will not come from within for the laws obstruct in alien following such deployment. Should it come from the outside it will be with terms that will take away our sovereignty. Wake up the lot at the helm of affairs before it is too late.
— The writer is an entrepreneur and author based in Karachi.

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