Sociologists claim that the human civilization can best be traced back to the Sumer valley in Egypt and can be recounted to have transited in twenty three stages to manifest in the US now, deemed as the latest human civilization!

Whenever civilization is referred to, what is implied is the level of knowledge that existsin humans in the context. For whatever the yardstick be to measure this level of knowledge, when we refer to the latest civilization, then, we essentially witness the ‘economic uniformity’ that has under a common law put people of sundry ethnicities under one standard regime, above all others by comparison.

I do not know how true or accurate can this assumption be taken and or accepted, because where this latest human civilization rests today, makes Attila the Hun look like a kid learning how to switch diapers with under-pants at kindergarten.

The human race of seven point four billion people that inhibit this earth today have a restricted playing field in the planet and limited resources therein to consume or squander. This undeniable reality limit our options and we should find us choosing between‘sharing’ and ‘usurping’.

The logical and civil option is to share the planet equitably for its natural resources amongst all that inhibit it,by regulating consumption to the re-generate-able degree.

Of course, this is wishful thinking and the macro economist will call this plunging the evolution of human civilization into stagnation. Where then do we go for options, is the thought we need to provoke here and find solutions.

Working on the hypothesis that the natural resources are limited, and the consumption is forever increasing, and sharing is a strategically incorrect,as an option, killing one another should legally be found as an acceptable norm, and de-populating the earth should be legally considered a human service instead of tyranny and or oppression.

It is true that human knowledge, as human‘civilization’ has only evolved, when the knowledge bases from the Super Intelligent few and the Echelon has trickled down to the predominant Commoners. It is also true that this happens every second and is a constant in time. Human civilization is dynamic and is constantly evolving and the phenomenon is referred to as the ‘earth worm’ concept in economics, where the head moves forward and the body catches on. The race for riches and the quality of life are the two factors that determine the world order of our times and this needs to be seriously reviewed. Containing the population is a natural course of human behavior that is directly linked with literacy and this is a proven reality today.

Ideally, the minimum level of sustenance should be a ‘universal protocol’ for the entire global population and the riches left for the inventors and providers of technological innovations that benefit mankind. The rudimentary means of the use of force and armaments that destroy human populations and impose the will of the greedy and the mean on the defenseless should be our primitive past. These are thoughts that represent humanitarianism, although the anti-thesis is as forceful. Notwithstanding this diabolic plight on the globe, the first steps by any country can be the first step in making an example and would serve as the bedrock for global transition from insanity of pirates to civilized maturity of the human species.

Pakistan has this beautiful opportunity to lead by example and should the forces that tread in the corridors of power wake up from their deep slumber to consciousness, there is still hope.

The evolutionary process of human civilization leans heavily on the limitations of financial resources. This is a deity weironically createdto contain the predominant global population from the exercise of free will and the establishment of material justice. This free will and material justice order are an essential prerequisite to the equitable development of the human race destroying the worship of a monetary deity.

This is possible when the human race caters to bybirthrightthe ownership of wealth for all individuals in the form of provisions for basic for sustenance. Basic sustenance as is defined in welfare like education, shelter, food and health care should universally be common for all on the planet. This will replace the arms race for human destruction with a commodity race for quality provisions addressing the basic human needs for survival.

We need to address the challenges of terrorism on the planet by nations that are principal suppliers of arms and ammunition and those who have imperial ambitions of subjugating people and territories for taking natural resources, under their belt with the mean objective of consumption for themselves in denial of others.

In concluding this review of the roadmap of human civilization the milestones look bleak and the journey headed into oblivion. This is a realization for all countries to ponder and the major economic players more so, who carry huge populations. A unified world that is committed to co-existence and universal brotherhood is better than a world that supports a world order, based on deception and denial of the irrefutable reality.

I rest my case.

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha
[email protected]

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